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F1 2010 – Coming Late September?

F1 2010 – Coming Late September?

The first previews and info on Codemaster’s upcoming Formula One 2010 game for the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 has sparked a lot of interest in the upcoming title in the community yesterday.

Even though we haven’t seen more than a few shots photographed from a magazine, people are already wondering when the title will be released. Given the fact that Codemasters is still working on most of the 2010 cars and games are rarely released during the summer months, a fall release seems likely.

This is backed up by PitPass Magazine who report that the upcoming game is planned to be launched around the Singapore Grand Prix that is scheduled for September 28th. That would mean that players would be able to drive the current season cars with four races still to complete in the 2010 schedule.

More preview material on the upcoming title is expected to become available tomorrow around midday so keep checking VirtualR for the latest on F1 2010.

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