F1 1997 for GTR2 0.99 – Released

PO911 has released the 1997 Formula One season for GTR2. The mod is still in beta state but should be very worth a try for F1 fanatecs.

1997 was Michael Schumacher’s second year at Ferrari and Jacques Villeneuve’s second in Formula One. The championship battle between the two drivers was decided at the last round of the season in Jerez, including a controversial incident involving both drivers.

Download F1 1997 for GTR2 0.99 Here


  • DW

    A classic season – scary that it was 12 years ago :)

    Last of the wide track cars too – much better looking than their narrow replacements.

  • UncleChuckle

    Controversial? There was nothing controversial about it. Schumacher deliberately drove into Villeneuve. Controversy means debate. There was no debate, and the FIA disqualified him from the season. (Yet inexplicably let the cheating bastard keep all his wins.)

    If anything, the result of the final race was controversial as Williams and McLaren conspired to fix the result. Villeneuve let Hakkinen through for the win. Transcript of the team radios confirm it. “Remember Jacques, we talked about this” was the one line I remember.

    I’m always curious WHY some mod makers choose a particular season. My lingering memory is of Damon Hill leading in Hungary until the last lap. As a huge Damon fan that broke my heart:( (Spa the following year made up for it.)

    Screenies look good. Had totally forgotten Stewart were racing at that point!

  • http://simrace.toolbar.fm morning_wood

    from the readme…

    This mod come from the Rfactor mod WSC 97 0.99 convert for GTR2 by Po911

    I ask 3 times the autorisations but without answer (See under original credits)

  • dora9

    Good! IMO these are best looking cars ever in F1 history. And yes it was not the “controversial incident”. It was 100% intentional bump from MS.

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