F1 1990 2.0 – Released

Team SRM has released their massive Formula One 1990 mod for rFactor.

Originally planned only to be a 1.2 update that adds missing cars and a few new sounds, the team decided to go for lots of more improvements on the physics and graphics for a full 2.0 update.

The team has put almost three years of work into the mod, fixing various bugs and adding new features such as proper H-shifter simulation for a truly authentic 1990 season feeling.

Aside from the great-looking cars, the mod also comes with a full-blown track pack that enables rFactor players to simulate a full 1990 season!


  • Anonymous

    Thank you!

  • Ozan Ülkügil

    please rF2

  • http://virtualr.net/ F1Racer

    Well, there’s goes my evening ! :) Thanks guys for all your efforts.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks SRM!

  • Anonymous

    Who knows maybe in future you should still be happy to be getting this regardless of platform!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, love this mod.

  • Olivier Prenten

    The same question in english please ! ;)

  • Michel Forest


  • TC

    Wow, just…wow.

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic news but..
    the mod CTDs for me after 2 minutes :( I will try giving it separate install but I already have 7 installs and am very careful, no other mod or track ever CTDs for me. But hopefully still the problem is on my side not mod’s.
    Ofc I use dx9, all settings max.

  • Anonymous

    Btw a tip, mod has LOD 5.0 in cockpit, setting this to 1 will increase fps dramatically.

  • Anonymous

    Found one little bug. Gregor Foitek is missing talent file, which explains its AI was faster than Ayrton at monaco lol.

  • Boomstix

    How do I change the LOD setting please?

  • Andy71

    In a day, will be released the official patch that will fix all the little bugs that you have encountered. Thank you very much

  • Jeroen de Wit

    Is it me or do the cars feel very bland? I hardly feel any FFB except for some rumble on the curbs.
    It drives a bit too smooth to me. The cars don’t react to bumps or inaccuracies in the track, it just sails over them. It feels a bit like F1 2013 but with less powered cars (no offense).
    Visuals are fine, some sounds are decent where others are quite a pain to the ears (Brabham, Life etc.).
    I fired up F1SR’s 91′ mod after this. These cars feel very much more alive and also have a way greater power output when even touching the throttle.
    I guess it’ll be a popular online mod because of the easy drive but I think I’ll stick with F1SR’s mod for 90′s F1.

  • Andy71
  • Andy71

    easy drive ??? if you walk to the circuits……..!!!!! :)

  • saistalab

    great work! any chance u could fix soundblending for judd?

  • http://virtualr.net/ F1Racer

    I do kind of agree here. The mod is great but the FFB for me (using Fanatec GT3RSV2) does seem lacking. As you say, it’s fine over the kerbs, but there’s that ‘power-steering’ feel as you drive which shouldn’t be there on these cars. It does feel light.
    I’ve only tried the McLaren and Ferrari so far so I have not tried the lesser powered cars. But I can hear them when they are quite a distance behind me. I’m sure in real life some of the cars weren’t all music to the ears :)

    Driving is easier than F1-S-R 1991 mod but then again I think that mod is a little too twitchy and the rear end too sensitive.
    With this mod you can get on the power early and not worry about the back end biting you which may not be quite as they were in 1990. They could maybe to with about 10%-15% less rear grip but I`d rather have it like this than the F1-S-R 1991 mod which I think is lacking about a bit too much rear end bite. :)

    Great thing with this mod is they have given us the complete package. All the cars with historical performances (YAY!!) AND a track pack with good track cams.
    So yeah if the FFB could be tightened up so it felt more alive and a bit heavier I think it would be even better. I was loving going flat out in turn 3 at Monza in the McLaren last night :)

  • http://virtualr.net/ F1Racer

    I had a CTD after a couple of mins too :) Only happened once but maybe because I was only running a 24 car field.

    What is the proper max grid size for the 1990 season??

  • http://virtualr.net/ F1Racer

    Thas was FAST ! Respect man.

  • Anonymous

    Open 1990_cams.cam in notepad, search for LODMultiplier= under cockpit.

  • Chris Wright

    Not had time to try this yet, but just wanted to say how fantastic it is that mods like this still appear and make this hobby the special thing it is.

  • Flaux

    Anyone else having troubles setting up the sound of the opponents? Those are way too loud for me.

    Also sound to rev blending is quite off in many cars. :/

    The rest is really good!!!

  • Andy71

    lowers the volume of the opponents from the options menu audio

  • Milan Kircanski

    thank you thank you thank you!

  • Boomstix

    Thanks mate.

  • Traumahound

    Is this not something that could be adjusted in the Windows or wheel profiler (more overall effects, spring), or increase the Realfeel response in-game, maybe? I haven’t played with this mod yet to confirm this, but intend to try that route this evening.

    Other than that, just gotta say, try winding up the Benetton Ford, and listen to it erupt from an angry growl to a shriek.. Oh, YES. : D

  • http://virtualr.net/ F1Racer

    Actually after driving this mod a bit more I think the grip is actually ok. Yeah maybe FFB can be messed with but it doesn’t seem that the mod natively supports realfeel but it’s worth tweaking it a bit anyway I guess.

  • Flaux

    Oh I did that. It’s like

    Me: 150

    AI: 50

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