F1 1990 2.0 – First Video Trailer

Three weeks ago, Team SRM announced the 2.0 version of their Formula One 1990 mod for rFactor to be in the works.

Originally planned only to be a 1.2 update that adds missing cars and a few new sounds, the team decided to go for lots of more improvements on the physics and graphics for a full 2.0 update.

Below is a new video trailer, showing some of the improved cars in action. The neatly-made trailer includes a nice intro bringing back memories of some old arcade classics.


  • Guilherme Cramer

    To others: skip to 1:21.

  • Horrace Foster

    Goosebumps is all I got to say, from my neck to my feet. Looks awsome, and a really nice video guys. Great work,cant wait.

  • miklay.gabor

    my favourite season of all. can’t wait the update.

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