F1 1985 – New Patch Released

Markus and Valiante have released a new patch for their Formula One 1985 mod for rFactor beta. The patch is quite significant as it increases the car count from four to seven.

Cars included:

McLaren MP4-2B
Lotus 97T
Williams FW10
Ferrari 156/85
Brabham BT54
Tyrrell 12 & 14
Renault RE60

So much for the good news, rather bad news is that this will be the last patch for quite some time. While Valiante will be taking a well-deserved summer break, Markus will be giving up the project for now due to starting his own family. Good luck!

Attention: Please delete all old files in “GameData\Vehicles\F1_1985\” before installing the new version.

Download F1 1985 Patch Here

Download F1 1985 Full Package by Maggi Here


  • Maggi

    Howdy … :)

    Just to let you know, that patch only contains updated vehicles, so you’d need the previous releases as well to get the sound, talent and rfm files !

    I repacked everything into one file and put it here for your convenience:


    Cheers !


  • RaalfX2

    Thanx Maggi

  • http://www.virtualr.net Montoya

    Thanks a lot Maggi – Added it in! :smile:

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