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Euro Truck Simulator – Official Demo Released

Euro Truck Simulator – Official Demo Released

Four days after the German-only demo spread across the web, SCS Software has released a proper demo of their Euro Truck Simulator pc game.

Euro Truck Simulator puts you behind the wheel of several big trucks, sending you across Europe to deliver goods on time and complete other challenges.

The game has been an instant success in Germany where it instantly made its way on Amazon’s top 10 selling games list. Furthermore, it has just been released in the UK and eastern Europe with Russia, France and Spain following soon.

The demo is in multi-language format, supporting English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Download Euro Truck Simulator Official Demo Here

  • Raikku

    Downloading now, hopefully this game support G25 and ffb.

  • pascaljackson

    i have the game already…
    realy nice
    makes fun
    and….some mods are aviable already
    seems that there is mutch potential in the game


  • Anonymous

    Hi! Is this platable with G25 and if, how do I use it? Cuase it dosent work with G25 for me… :/

  • ceptico

    Can you share some links for the mods you mention?


  • UncleBoogie

    Terrible. Their Bus Driver game is far better. For truck driving, 18 Wheels of Steel is (barely) better.

    Good luck finding a setting for the wheel that works nicely in this game. I gave up after an hour of constant tweaking.

    And the FFB is non-existent. Only time I felt anything in the wheel was when I quit the game.

  • pascaljackson

    @ ceptico

    here it is