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Endurance Series SP3 – Live Presentation Tomorrow

Team Enduracers’ Endurance Series SP3 mod for rFactor will be shown live tomorrow.

Last September, Team Enduracers announced that the Service Pack 3 of their massive Endurance Series mod will be released for rFactor before the team makes the jump to rF2.

Now, the team is inviting everyone to take a look at the new version as SP3 of the popular mod will be live showcased on Paddock TV tomorrow, starting at 9 PM CET. For more info how to tune into the live stream, please follow this link.

The new version of the popular sports car racing mod will add no less than nine all-new car models to the pack, as listed below:

New Cars Included in Endurance Series SP3 for rFactor 1

  • LMP1 – Lola Aston-Martin DBR1/2
  • LMP1 – Lola Coupe B-80 Dyson
  • LMP1 – Oreca 01 AIM
  • LMP1 – Zytek 07s/Ginetta Zytek 09s
  • LMP2 – Lola Coupe B-80
  • LMP2 – Oreca 03
  • LMP2 – Zytek 07s/Ginetta Zytek 09s
  • GT1 – Maserati MC12
  • GT2 – BMW M3 E92

Afterwards, the team will be converting the mod to ISI’s new rFactor 2 simulation, adding another two cars to the lineup of vehicles. This rFactor 2 release will finish the mod’s long history as the team will then consider development of the mod complete.

To prepare for the rFactor 2 version of the large mod, the team will also be working on a rFactor 2 version of the “Flat6 Series” mod.

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