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Endurance Series – Maserati MC12 Added

Enduracers have now confirmed the addition of the Maserati MC12 to their Endurance Series mod.

Following a first teaser image released a few days ago, Enduracers have now confirmed the addition of the Maserati MC12 to their Endurance Series mod.

Like all other new cars that have been revealed as editions to the mod ever since the last public release for rFactor, the new car will be added to a new version of the mod for a yet unconfirmed platform.

Revealed cars since the last rFactor release include:

  • GT1 – Maserati MC12 (Spec 2004-2009)
  • LMP1 – Lola Aston-Martin DBR1/2 (Spec 2009-2010)
  • LMP1 – Lola Coupe B-80 (Spec 2011 Mazda P1 Dyson only)
  • LMP1 – Oreca 01 AIM (Spec 2009-2010)
  • LMP1 – Zytek 07s/Ginetta Zytek 09s (Spec 2007-2011)
  • LMP2 – Lola Coupe B-80 (Spec 2008-2011, engine : Judd, AER, HPD, Mazda)
  • LMP2 – Oreca 03 (Spec 2011-2013)
  • LMP2 – Zytek 07s/Ginetta Zytek 09s (Spec 2007-2011)
  • GT2 – BMW M3 E92 (Spec 2009-2011)

Whichever new simulation will be able to accommodate this new version can look forward to an excellent package of new content!

  • ajrf

    Hope that this car could be released. Shame that Enduracers guys won’t do that :'(

    • Marc CHAPELLE

      the car will be released, lol. Just read the announcement.

  • Dani .

    They should release it to GSC

    • horrace

      I already knew how good the cars and the tracks look in gsc, but I did crossfire in my system and the stuff that popped up I couldnt believe the details, now I run races just so I can look at how good the replays look!

    • ftrracingtv

      Well there is a software that converts rfactor content to gsc so its very easy to convert if you want

  • horrace

    Their mod is the single most reason that I want to upgrade my pedals, I have a stock g27, and trying to get out of a corner with the vette without over steer is almost impossible for me, but it is so much fun trying to catch it, I dont care who they make it for I will buy it!!!!!!

  • mfcfan

    I have my hopes up its AC, but seeing those screenshots in rF1 I think they will stick with platform they know well.

    • horrace

      That would be a good choice!

  • Philip Antonia

    As much as I like rF2, I’d love to see their work in AC!! Either way, we know we can expect quality :-).


    probably the coolest car absent from the currect grid and timeframe, glad they choose to include it. Hope it gets the same glory as in GTR2.

  • TC

    Anyone knows what track is in second and last captures? Thanks.

    • ftrracingtv

      Laguna Seca

  • Gui

    It was love at first sight seeing this car in GTR 2 and I’d love to play this thing in both AC and rF2. Cannot wait for more things to be done!

    • gt3rsr

      The original MC12 GTR2 physics seemed a bit strange to me.
      NAPP mod corrected that. Then I fell in love with it too 🙂

      • Gui

        I loved this with the Murcielago and the Saleen S7, was just an awesome line-up. I hope the next iteration of Enduracers will drive better than it did in rFactor too :).

      • gt3rsr

        I think SP2.1 is almost perfect.
        And you’re right, Saleen was also great. And of course the previous “semi-protos” F1 GTR/CLK-GTR/911 GT1 beasts, but it’s a different story, not covered in GTR2.

  • ImageArtSigns .

    Hello everyone,
    I have this mod and only 3 others in rFactor 1 and it is amazing quailty….why can’t they port this mod into all the platforms…rFactor 1 & 2 and AC?
    Surely once you have the vehicles modeled to perfection it’s just a matter of file/save isn’t it…lol…sorry for my ignorance, I am not a modder.
    I suppose this way everyone is somewhat happy and the exposure of their mod across all platforms is greater, thus bringing it to more people…my 2 cents

    • Danfilm007

      I understand your opinion, this was the first ever mod I downloaded for my rFactor, and whenever I reinstall rF, it is the first thing I redownload. I wish we will get all of the new cars for rF but Enduracers have said that they will not release it on there. Shame for us rF boys but for you lucky rF2 and AC guys will be happy! We can still be surprised tho! 😛

      • ImageArtSigns .

        Enduracers have said that they will not release on rF1..ok…did not realize that…but never mind, I do have rF2 and AC installed on my PC anyway….variety is the spice of life!

    • Marc CHAPELLE

      because quality takes time and we’ve got real lifes too.

      • ImageArtSigns .

        Hello Mr CHAPELLE,

        I did not mean to sound ungrateful and just wanting the mod for all sims…I realize it must take years to produce a mod of this quality and juggling family and work life while working on it…patience is a virtue….apologies.

    • Marc Collins

      If these things were just file/save, every car and track from every sim would be available for every other sim. The amount of work to produce the basic models as high quality as these are is tremendous. Then to get physics and sounds and reflections and so forth (how about AI, too?) worthy of them for even one sim is also a huge amount of work. Then multiply it for the second sim., etc.
      We are lucky to have them for any sim. I personally prefer the physics of rF2 (so far–AC may catch-up some day) and think it has a better potential for endurance racing but I’m not doing the work, so who cares what I think?

      • ImageArtSigns .

        Hello Mr Collins,
        You are right…we are lucky to have them for any sim…whatever platform they go to will be a bonus for that sim.


        As much as I wish AC would catch up it won’t. It’s just missing so many intricate details we are yet to see pit stops and warm up laps.

  • e_r_n_i_e

    Hopefully it will released for rF2.
    Yes, AC is great, but actually rF2 provides a much better base for Endurance racing.

    • Robert Gödicke

      I agree. And that cockpit, holy moly, it looks very nice!

  • cubadoo1

    Assetto corsa please.

  • gt3rsr

    These are rF1 screenshots, right?
    Could you tell me what Spa version is that? Or is it some another private/”illegal” version?

    • Danfilm007

      Is it a Codies Conversion perhaps? Or Spa 2009 by WCP and that lot?

  • Professional Operator

    please please please
    release it for rFactor 1 before going next gen.
    You already have it on this platform and your main mod is on rFactor 1
    I think we need a “Goodbye rFactor 1” release and this car is pretty much perfect!