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Endurance Series – Community Skins Wanted

Endurance Series – Community Skins Wanted

Enduracers are hard at work at the new version of their Endurance Series mod for rFactor, trying to include as many real-life sports car racing livery in the mod as possible.

But given the variety of teams and liveries in various sports car series, the team is now asking the community for assistance with providing car skins. The best skins provided by the community will be included in upcoming mod versions with full credit, the most talented skinners even get the chance to join their development team in the future.

Currently, the team is looking for skinners wanting to work on liveries for the Porsche 996 GT3-RSR from the 2004 & 2005 sports car racing seasons. A detailed list on the cars needed and further info on requirements can be found here, make sure to check it out if you love to paint and have a soft spot for sports car racing.

  • Empty

    Part of me is baffled how these guys need more people, then part of me remembers why.

    Might dig out the paint kit this weekend. Do the Alex Job cars all over for the third time. lol

  • klo-che

    We don’t “need people”, we got all needed to work on our Service Packs and new cars, these are bonus skins that we give the community the chance to make some of them if they like some, and if they want some of their real skins (we’ve not made) be integrated in the mod too.

  • Noel Hibbard

    I like the idea. There are so many skinners out there to help out. It is always nice to have a large selection of skins for league use.

  • HoW Monty

    Endurance Series SP1: Release Date Wanted

  • Johnsc

    When me and my sim community friends go for a championship, one of the funniest things it’s to make your own team/personal skin, and some of my friends did awesome jobs (me i’m not specially talented in this area although i like skinning very much) so i think that this it’s a great idea.
    PD: excuse my awfull english.

  • Kasprzycki Pawel

    31/11/2010 =-X

  • Kyle Williams

    Just too add these are not skins we NEED to finish SP1, this has nothing to do with SP1 as we never intended to add seasons prior to 2006.

    We just thought it would be a good idea to allow the comunity to get involved by creating skinpacks made by the comunity of seasons we are not doing.

  • klo-che

    When it’s done

  • Poaster

    This mod has become the Gran Turismo of mods. By the time it’s done, the cars will be as historic as those in GPL were in 1998.

  • Kyle Williams

    Gran Turismo of mods, quite the compliment there being compared to a hugely successful franchise like that, thanks!

  • Deano

    Mr. Williams, I’ve painted many skins for the Endurance series mod, but all are fictional. Fictionals allow you to be creative….kind of like an artist with a blank canvas. Real life paint’s are like a job…..not to mention the bitching for the community when a real life livery isn’t exactly spot-on. 

  • HoW Monty

    More like Duke Nukem Forever.