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Endurance Series 1.1 – Released

Endurance Series 1.1 – Released

Enduracers have released a small fix for their recently-released Endurance Series mod for rFactor, addressing several small issues in terms of graphics, sounds and physics as listed below.


* Technical – Missing yellow flags fixed.
* Technical – Vehicles classification updated and Classoveride added / XML car result problems fixed.
* Technical – Drivers name fixed.
* Technical – Pit guys leaving after 5 seconds fixed.
* Graphics – Black track object with light on day fixed.
* Graphics – Skin ALMS 2008 Porsche #46 and Courage C65 ALMS 2006 #33 fixed.
* Graphics – Loading screen fixed.
* Sounds – Gravel sounds for Porsche GT2 and Zytek fixed.
* Sounds – Autoblip sound for Porsche RS Spyder updated.
* Sounds – Balanced volumes for Panoz.
* Physics – Update of the tire wear curve for medium and hard at the end of the tire run (smoother, less abrupt).
* Physics – Aston Martin engine curve adjusted.
* Physics – RS Spyder engine curve and boost adjusted.
* Physics – Low and medium position aero forces a bit increased on the GT1.
* Physics – Line “BumpStopRisingSpring” adjusted on the GT.

Important: This is just an update, make sure to have version 1.0 of Endurance Series installed before using it.

Download Endurance Series 1.1 Mirror 1 Here

Download Endurance Series 1.1 Mirror 2 Here