Endurance Racing X – Two New GT Cars Revealed

UnitedRacingDesign has unveiled two new cars to join the GT-class of their Endurance Racing X payware mod for rFactor 2.

The new preview below shows off two new GT cars that are in early development stages, a V10-powered American design as well as a British machine powered by a V8 engine.

Endurance Racing X will come with cars in three different classes, featuring both big and small prototypes as well as GT class, mimicking a successful international sports car racing series.

The cars will be sold in packs selling for less than five Euros, the team is also working on matching tracks for the mod. Users who don’t want to spend any money can look forward to a freebie as well.


  • Michael Springer

    Viper ♥
    By the way, why does it say American V12? It should be a V10 … unless they plan otherwise in their mod.

    • Anonymous

      Yes the (american) SRT Viper has a V10 front-engine. And the (british) Aston Martin Vantage GT3 has a V12 front mid-engine

      • gpfan

        nop, the Aston Martin is a V8 since the AM use the Vantage V8 on WEC and the Vantage V12 in GT3 Series….

      • Anonymous

        Yes, but the GT3 has a V12 as i wrote. 😉

        But i don’t know what URD has planned for their AM.

      • gpfan

        The render shows the V8 Vantage GTE……

      • Michael Springer

        That’s what I meant in the first place. Considering the AM GTE has a V8, the fake Viper should get a V10.

  • Marcel Penzkofer

    They can even keep the name SRT. Snake Racing Team :D.

  • Anonymous

    Side pipes with a front-mounted V10 for a race car?

    I don’t think it will catch on…

  • http://derekspearedesigns.com/ Derek Speare

    A Viper AND an AM??? I think I just died and went to sim racing heaven!

  • Professional Operator

    I don’t like Le Mans GT because BOP ruined everything. It’s basically a mafia where you pay the organizer to get an advantage over competition.
    Porsche and Aston get an aero and horsepower advantage in the last Le Mans race. This doesn’t make any sense in a fair and honest organization, which clearly Le Mans is not. Winning Le Mans is a business, it’s marketing, that’s why this S*** happen.

    Ferrari and Corvette with their leading GT cars 458 and C6R booth get a BOP handicap.

    I prefer SuperGT.

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