Endurance Racing X – New Prototype Previews

UnitedRacingDesigns have released new previews of their Endurance Racing X payware mod for rFactor 2, revealing new additions n to the mod’s PX1 & PX2 prototype classes.

The renders below show two prototypes made by the same manufacturer, one for the principal PX1 class while the second is designed for competition in the privateer-based PX2 class.

Endurance Racing X will come with cars in three different classes, featuring both big and small prototypes as well as GT class, mimicking a successful international sports car racing series.

The cars will be sold in packs selling for less than five Euros, the team is also working on matching tracks for the mod. Users who don’t want to spend any money can look forward to a freebie as well.


  • Luke Walsh

    Looking good so far

  • Glenn Briden

    looking good as long as ISI is cool with this and the content is good enough paying a few bucks for quality is all good with me.

    • B.J.

      Not sure how known it is but the guy making this already made the T5 mod which is based on the current DTM cars and I can only say that, that the T5 mod is well worth its money. and I’m really looking forward to this as a huge Endurance fan.

  • http://derekspearedesigns.com/ Derek Speare

    Keep up the good work, Ales!

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