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Endurance Racing X – First Corvette Previews

UnitedRacingDesign have released first previews of the newest addition to their Endurance Racing X payware mod for rFactor – The Corvette ZR1.

UnitedRacingDesign have released first previews of the newest addition to their Endurance Racing X payware mod for rFactor – The Corvette ZR1.

The American muscle car will join several other cars in the mod’s GT class.

Unlike the other car models that are already available in the mod’s beta version that is for sale, the Corvette will be a freebie for everyone to enjoy.

  • Derek Speare


  • F1Racer

    Nice !

  • Anonymous

    So what’s special about it have they done tweaks to the physics or have offered more tire compounds? This car in this state could actually be a worm can I hope all goes well with this.

    • Pandamasque

      Even if it is based on the ISI model (probably not) this is a newer version of C6.R ZR1 car (2012 vs. 2009-spec version by ISI). This one has wider track (look at those fender flares), updated aero, a smaller displacement engine (5.5l vs. 6.0l) and a paddle-actuated gearbox.

      • Anonymous

        Any chance for a Corvette C7 GT2 in the future? πŸ™‚

      • Pandamasque

        How am I supposed to know? πŸ™‚ I’m not involved with the project, I just posted my observations.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for your reply

    • Ales Ogrinc

      Everything is new on this one. Completly scratch done 3d model, physics are new and yes tire are diferent to.

      • Anonymous

        Ya see people want to down vote a legitimate question to ask when considering a purchase or not. These misunderstandings go miles on the web and make many of us look like fools when were not(for clarity not directed at you).
        Anyway thanks for the reply I have been eager for rF2 content that has had tweaks done on it.

    • Anonymous

      So down voters what’s wrong with a question like this when considering purchasing a product? COME ON NOW STAND UP AND TELL ME

  • vertexjunkee

    oh joy

  • StarFoxySxv550

    Disappointed with lack of a silly name.

  • Alex Ball

    I like this mod. I wanted to cut my own throat when I bought it as I don’t really love payware (or any DLC for that matter) but I think it’s a good one. The cars drive pretty well already, and the models look great (on the outside at least).

    Looking forward to the prototypes too then we can get some into some really nice racing in rF2.

    • Robert GΓΆdicke

      I like it as well. I don’t drive it much though because I want to wait for the cockpits first. I’m just too dumb to drive in the bonnet view I guess.

      The only fear I have is that there won’t be enough people racing this mod in a league some time in the feature because of it being payware. Plus, if you want to race in a multiclass league, you will need to buy LMP1s and LMP2s as well. Multiclass Endurance Racing is where my heart is, I raced the Endurance Series by Enduracers since day one in multiple leagues and single events, but I believe such competition and amount of leagues will never switch to a payware mod, no matter how good it may be.

      You may call this an experiment. We’ll see where we’ll be heading with this.

      • Alex Ball

        If nobody else sets up a server for it, I’ll set one up. Multiclass is great fun, and this is begging for a league!

      • Miroslav Davidovic

        There is a server (URD_ENDUROX) already running the mod. AFAIK a league is planed.

        Edit: see Rob’s post. πŸ™‚

      • Rob James

        I’ve setup a server currently that runs the mod named URD Endurance Racing X and has been up for the whole dev. This server will remain up once dev has finished.

        We are also putting together a league specificity for these cars, I will be publishing all the details very soon so keep a eye on the rf2 thread but have held it back to confirm all the cars that will be involved etc.

        Will be fantastic to see all the cars on the grid together!

      • Alex Ball

        count me in man πŸ™‚

      • Noel Hibbard

        Maybe Ales can work a group deal for leagues. Maybe a league can get a special branded build at a discount or something. I personally would be willing to spend $50 for a full multiclass field if it is done well. I come from a league that did 6 – 12 hour races once a month with a private mod for rF1. We are on the hunt for a replacement in rF2. I suspect most of our members would be willing to buy this mod once it has a full field. I bought the beta earlier this week but haven’t had much time to test but what I have seen (or should I say felt) so far is good.

      • Ales Ogrinc

        Im allways open for league deals and there are few doing exactly that with T5 allready for rF2 and rF1.

  • wajdi nujeidat

    I was a bit unsure about this mod, but after testing it I’m really happy with it and it worths every penny!

  • Pablo Coronel

    Slowly the good rf2 payware wins territory, good for Ales and their beautiful models.

  • Tiago Guerreiro

    Ales work on RF2 is doing justice to what RF2 can deliver in terms of potencial at this stage, very slow development on ISI part, but Ales is steping up, congrats!!

  • Matt Orr

    Man the C6R is sexy. Sad the C7R doesn’t look like it will be nearly as much of a looker. πŸ™

    I have to wonder though – why not just wait for the C7R to be more revealed? The Arthur Merlin is a “new” car to GTE recently, the Bayro is a “new” car to GTE recently, the Darche is a “new” car to GTE recently, the C6R is well… all but done, run it’s course, by the time everything is polished up with the cars already available in the mod, we’ll have a good bit of info on the C7R given the season starts in January now, not March.

    I understand that the C6R already is in rF2 in the earlier GT2/E version, but if you are going to rebuild it all anyways?

    • Ales Ogrinc

      We wanted to do C7r but it wasnt enough reference yet, but dont worry, we will do it right away when we have them enough.

  • Derek Speare

    It’s an excellent idea to offer both free content and paid content. I’m looking forward to getting in this ZR1! Now we just need a “Le Mans” with a fun name πŸ™‚