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DTM 2013 for Assetto Corsa – First Previews

Mazur1k is working on bringing the 2013 DTM season to Assetto Corsa.

Mazur1k is working on bringing the 2013 DTM season to Assetto Corsa.

Below are first previews of his work, showing some promising-looking shots of the Audi A5 DTM car, including some of the underbody details.

The Audi is one of three competitors in the German DTM series that also features BMW’s M3 and the Mercedes Benz C-Class. The DTM cars are using tube frame-chassis with silhouette bodies to resemble the road versions, powered by a V8 engine.

  • GamingCanuck

    The last week has been pretty awesome for sim racing.

  • varis11


  • Matthew Arnold

    Wow, Assetto Corsa is being flooded with cool content. I had no idea this sim was going to get this much attention from the modding community 🙂

    • Ales Ogrinc

      Actually its beeing flooded by news of announced content, how much cool of this content will actually be released or how cool it will really be we have all wait for it. I have seen many projects in AC forum allready banned.

      Thought few cool one made it into release allready but in car models that are 2 sofar only cool. For tracks few more i guess, didnt tryed all of them as im really not bothering with some alpha quick conversions beeing so old that they looked in older games bad allready.

      • MontoyaVR

        There really is a mass of stuf and I’m pretty careful with what I showcase here, I only post conversions that are authorized and mods have to meet a certain quality standard as well.

        What puzzles me a bit is this trend of releasing very early alpha versions of cars/tracks that seems to become the norm in AC modding, I can’t recall rFactor mods ever being like that.

        Just take your time people and finish your stuff, good things are worth to be waiting for a while.

      • Ales Ogrinc

        I know, i didnt say you post something not allowed 😉 Just that some announcments were dropped allready, not in the way beeing ripped content but in the way not beeing finished. I should have sayed that before 🙂

      • svdb

        Well I’d rather have a less good looking mod than no mod at all.

      • Marcel

        Maybe they think an unfinished game needs unfinished mods 😉 it’s a bit like the hole trend of the industry.

      • Brandon Miller

        I think it’s cool if they release the mod, and take suggestions on where to improve. No problem in releasing a alpha/beta on a mod, taking feedback and implementing changes. Big deal, it’s not like we’re not going to get the finish product one way or another. Progression and feedback is great!

      • Patrik Marek

        well, as much as some people might not like it, releasing early gives more chance for feedback, which I find particularly important for tracks, if people help get track layout spot on, it saves lot of work afterwards, if most of the track was build and then it would needed to be tweaked and fixed, which is really quite painful

        I don’t understand though that people complain/question releasing early – unfinished work – yet are very hungry for sub-par conversions that sometimes come out really bad .. but unlike scratch build content, the conversion rarely gets additional work on it,

        yes we do this for you for free ( most of the time) so if you can “give back” something by helping out with testing, the resulted mod can be better then if it was released “finished”

        if someone doesn’t like it, he doesn’t have to download it and he can wait for finished version

        yes, many mods won’t be ever finished, but this is also case for mods for any other game out there,

  • Patrik Marek

    looks great 🙂 AC mods are slowly getting quality content