Download ACL Trans AM for Assetto Corsa Here

Smallblock Her & Bazza have released their massive ACL Trans Am mod for Assetto Corsa.

The mod brings no less than ten different car models from the heyday of America’s popular touring car series to the simulation, spanning four years of competition from 1967 to 1970.

Included Car Models

1967 Mercury Cougar
1966 Ford Mustang
1968 Camaro
1969 Camaro
1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302
1970 Camaro
1970 Pontiac Firebird
1970 Dodge Challenger T/A
1970 Plymouth AAR ‘Cuda
1970 AMC Javelin

The mod makers recommend 540 degrees of steering wheel rotation for a realistic experience.

  • anonymouse

    A couple of things to notice:

    Donnie’s nickname is SmallBlockHero, not Smallblock Her. He’s a he, not a she.

    You should point out in the article that the models and the (majority of?) skins are coming from HistoriX, PnG and Team_21 mods for rF1, GTL and GTR2. Nothing in that mod is scratch made, other than the physics and maybe the sounds.

    While they look great in AC, original authors deserve their fair share of credits aswell.

    • melanieuk1

      Makes me wonder why does Rob advertise ripped mods like these, when there are better quality scratch mods for assetto corsa, like the Honda S800 by A3DR:
      A3DR official site:

      And the scratch made Jaguar XJ13 By mantasisg

      • anonymouse

        I used to be a friend of Donnie (before one day he convinced himself I was a Hillary Clinton supporter for some reason and blocked me on Facebook, despite me living on the other side of the world and not being involved/interested in North American politics) and I can personally vouch for his skills as a modder.

        The amount of work behind this project and all the others he has done in the past is huge and deserves recognition. However, as much as I can and will praise this mod and all the previous ones, during development he clearly said where the models came from and never claimed to have made them himself.

        Despite being strange, for once it’s not vR fault, whoever wrote this found the mod on DrivingItalia, copied and pasted everything there (typo in the nickname included) and published the article.

        DrivingItalia is infamous for hosting mods from anybody and for any platform without permissions and/or with generic/wrong credits. Just stay away from that place and its admin, AleDriving, a guy who only lurks around and does the above mentioned.

        The S800 is indeed something worth talking about, if anything because with that few truly scratch made models available for AC, if for once you dedicate an article to a mod and that mod is a conversion, well..

      • delpinsky

        I’m a long time member of and the admin is someone else (VELOCIPEDE). As far as I know, there’s no one called AleDriving. I can assure you any mod violating the rules is taken down. I don’t know why you are spreading lies.

      • anonymouse

        What lies?

        This is the guy that uploads most of the stuff on DrivingItalia and his account is part of the “admins” group:

        The account he uses on one of the websites he lurks around in:

        Screenshot if you can’t see the link above:
        Go tell jokes somewhere else. Half the DrivingItalia database is made of mods that violates its own rules, yet that guy uploads stuff he isn’t supposed to anyway.

      • delpinsky

        If you are so sure he uploads bad material, you should file a report on him to the Admin. What I can tell you is that I’ve seen many times threads closed due to stolen material uploaded or violating the rules.

      • Kondor999

        Oh great, it’s an attorney among us! I haven’t seen a thing complaining about this from the actual original content creators (all of whom likely left the scene a long time ago).
        This isn’t a payware mod, and the physics (the important, more difficult part) are original. There’s a F1 Classic 67 Legends v1.3 mod by Bazza over on DrivingItalia that is just friggin’ awesome. Why don’t you go try it and stop spending your time collecting screenshots? You’re like some little old lady who pokes her nose into everyone’s business.

      • anonymouse

        I’m sorry your elementary school teacher committed suicide, that explains why you lack reading comprehension.

        Read my previous messages again, maybe you’ll discover that I praised the mod at least 3 times in a single post.

        My problem isn’t with the mod itself, you ignorant donkey. My problem is with whoever publishes these articles without actually bothering to check what they’re actually writing about.

        And don’t start with the same old tirade of “it’s an old mod, nobody who originally made it cares anymore”. There is a thing called respect. If you run a website with thousands of daily visitors and write an article about a mod which is converted from someone else, have at least the decency of saying who originally made it. I already said in my previous message that Donnie never makes a secret of where his mods come from, still people that publishes articles about these kinds of mods often forget to mention it and publish incorrect informations.

      • Kondor999

        My litigious little self-righteous self-appointed Defender of All Mods:

        The mod makers in question have not objected, and there’s a certain eleemosynary element to the mod game. Unless people are taking your work and trying to make money, I don’t get the second-hand outrage you’re pretending to have.

        PS – You might want to learn proper grammar before mentioning the education level of your fellow “ignorant donkeys” (what is that, something you heard in 2nd grade?).

        It’s not: “with whoever”. It’s written: “with whomever”.

        And this phrasing is atrocious: “Still people that publishes articles about these kinds of mods often forget to mention it and publish incorrect informations.”

        Normally I’d let this kind of horrible grammar slide, but you did mention elementary school, called me ignorant, and then proceeded to make 3rd grade level mistakes in your presumably hurried, breathless reply.

        Next time, chill out and maybe proofread a bit before you start calling other people stupid.

      • Rantam

        We DO object.

        Personally I think that the original authors should decide if they want to see their work put in something as embarrassing as this without being asked about it, don’t you think? Even if they did it for free and the end result is free also. There’s something called “Respect”. Or “ethics”. You name it πŸ˜‰

        I don’t know anything about you, but please share with us all the content you have created, just to see where you really stand about this matter. It’s quite easy to talk when you’re not really involved, right? πŸ™‚


        Ps: Your comments about grammar are soooo sad, mate.

      • Kondor999

        What’s “sad” is you trying to take credit for this mod, “mate”.

        SBH just said that the only thing he used was a wheel model, so I guess you can object all you want.

        Historic GT & Touring Car came out in Jan 2014. The FFB in the mod was HORRIBLE and it looked like something from 2004. The physics quality was highly variable from car to car and, in general, it was not a good mod. I never saw people using it much. It reminded me of shovelware: Lots of low-poly cars with slapdash ported-over physics and possibly the worst FFB this side of Forza 3.

        So now, it seems to me you’re wanting some kind of credit for this fairly good AC mod where little is due. Certainly the physics and FFB are vastly better than Historx ever was.

        As for grammar, like I said: It’s pretty amusing to hear someone spout off about how you’re an “ignorant donkey” while they misspell words and commit grammatical errors that would embarrass your average 3rd-grader. That’s what was sad, “mate”.

      • Gonzalo Rodriguez Sastre

        Somebody steal your Christmas i guess, anyway dont worry, Santa Will come next year again and maybe you will get the PS4 pro.
        You can still play this mod with awesome force feedback and shared sounds with your lovely PS4 controller until then.

        You can continue watching Thomas and Friends or go to bed, you choose.

      • Kondor999

        I had the mod mixed up with something else. I got that very wrong and have apologized. They did a great mod. If anyone takes stuff from it, they should get credit (actually, whether or not the original mod is good, the authors should get credit of course).

        I don’t have a PS4 Pro and I use a TX wheel. Not sure what that’s about.

      • Rantam

        Just to let you know that Gonzalo Rodriguez Sastre is part of HistorX since day one πŸ˜‰


        Ps. Glad you like the mod too!

      • Rantam

        Let’s just say that if HGT&TC came out in Jan 2014 I don’t know how the heck we won the mod of the year award (Touring cars category) at back in 2008.

        Don’t worry pal: if we ever think about having our biography written
        we’ll contact you. I don’t think it will contain any true fact, but I
        think it will be amusing indeed πŸ™‚


      • Kondor999

        I went back and looked at it, reinstalled the mod. I was completely wrong, it was/is a fine mod. You’re right. Had it mixed up with something else *entirely* (I won’t dig myself another hole by saying what lol).

        My apologies, dude. I’ll give you the last word on this and, if anyone ripped off your content, I’m sorry for both that and for the harsh words. I got it about 110% wrong on this one.

        But I’m right about the grammar, dammit! πŸ˜‰

      • Andrea Candini

        That’s why there’s a lovely “Report file” in each download page: if you think/know a mod is illegal, feel free to report It.

      • anonymouse

        That wouldn’t be needed if one of the admins would simply stop uploading mods he isn’t supposed to.

      • Andrea Candini

        Considering that it happens as it’s not always easy to understand where contents come from, this is the usual procedure to follow. Just as it happens on Racedepartment too.

      • svdb

        While I absolutely agree with you, this mod does go very well with Lilski’s tracks and that might be a reason to download them. I’ll try it when I have the time and see if I like/keep them.
        However it should be more clear this is a conversion.

      • Anthony Birch

        but the Honda S800 isnt a Pontiac Trans Am or Hemi Cuda or Camaro or any of those Muscle cars, thats why they are popular…….not everyone likes the modern stuff that all looks pretty much the same just different badges

      • anonymouse

        You’re kidding right? I hope you’re trolling, because the Honda S800 is a car from the mid ’60s.

      • smallblockhero

        we don’t want it here anyway… could care less.. I hope he removes it. its a group mod..for us to drive league. don’t care what the community thinks.

    • smallblockhero

      most of this post is completely false.. I made almost all the skins from scratch from templates I made on the forza models. the GTR2 cars are the original skins from years ago.. only wheels and tire are HistorX..

      • Rantam

        Still waiting for you to contact us at HistorX to ask for permission to use these πŸ˜‰


      • smallblockhero

        keep waiting… its only a wheel model..

      • Gonzalo Rodriguez Sastre

        You just define yourself.

      • Rantam

        Hilarious… πŸ˜€

      • Stephan froth

        Well why dont you make “Your”History X mad available for AC and Or rF2 ? Then maybe things like this wouldn’t need to be made . Supply and Demand wins .

      • Rantam

        Yes, sure… Just let me bring my magic wand and… abracadabra, the work is done!

        Another hilarious post… Clearly you don’t know a lot about modding mate, do you? πŸ™‚

  • Den Burnout

    Looks like scca1981’s Cuda……

    • smallblockhero

      I think it is..

  • Gonzalo Rodriguez Sastre

    i dont know why they use our ,rims ,tires ,brakes etc, instead of forza ones as the rest of the car….

    • Christopher

      Are you saying that you created those rims, tires & brake calipers?

      • Jorge Azcoitia

        Yes, Gonzalo is part of the HistorX team, as is Rantam, NotLaw (the actual modeler of these cars), and myself (physics).

    • Glen Orpheus

      Reaching for the popcorn and family sized cola (“,)

  • Leeman

    Is it just me or do all the cars sound exactly the same?

    • Rantam

      Yes they do πŸ™‚

    • melanieuk1

      lol, just like 98% of all modded cars in Assetto Corsa, they just take the sounds from Kunos cars and add them in their own mods, glad I’m not the only one that noticed they all sound the same plus cars from other mods.

      • Anthony Birch

        not everyone knows how to create sounds, and not everyone wants to share their knowledge, so what do you do

  • LilSki

    While I understand that still a ton of work goes into a mod line this. It is the complete lack of any mention of the original authors that bugs me the most with this stuff. It’s one thing to rip models without permission but at least give a shout out to the original authors of the original models. It’s simple, don’t take 100% credit for something that is not 100% yours.

  • Glen Orpheus

    So im genially interested in how come everybody appears to know these mods are stolen ?

    • Rantam

      The original creators would know that pretty easy actually. And I’d say the same for anyone having a minimum of modding knowledge πŸ™‚

  • ImageArtSigns .

    For me personally, being of the older generation… THIS is a mod pack that really appeals to me…. and put into Automobilista as a standard pack…it would be magical πŸ™‚

  • Derek Speare


    • melanieuk1

      Your original post much better πŸ˜›

  • delpinsky

    Just tried the Camaro ’70, but the hands are completely off the steering wheel. Uninstalled for now, waiting for a better optimization. It’s only me?

    • smallblockhero

      didn’t catch that but I will look into it. may not have updated that car.

    • Eric Keese

      I caught the same, it’s the same in other cars as well, but not as bad. The cars look more like rFactor quality more so than A/C. Nevertheless, they sound good and handle how I would expect them to. I ran a few races around Riverside and had fun so in the end, that’s all that matters.

  • smallblockhero

    the only thing that is HistorX in this mod at all is the Mini Lite wheel… so Rantam and his crew can piss off. There mostly forza models and recycled GTR2 cars from years ago…no skins are HistorX at all! Its just for fun. it was put together to drive an old series.. not to steal or take credit from anybody. no shameless promotion. don’t care if you like it or not. its a video game.. we wanted to drive these cars.. that’s all. if you have an issue? don’t drive it.. this was released in small groupd to be enjoyed… we didn’t ask or want a full public release. so…Bye Felicia

    • Rantam

      Oh boy, this post made my day πŸ™‚

      First: I don’t think any of us (HistorX) claimed anything that were not created by ourselves (only Gonzalo Rodriguez Sastre aka “Gonzas” wrote about what was ripped from us).

      Second: You should at least be polite enough to ask for permission to use something you have not created. I don’t think giving credit to someone without asking him is valid, but you didn’t even do that… anyway, you should check who you trust: if this is the way of keeping something just for “a small group to be enjoyed” then congrats. And no, I’m not talking about being featured here at VirtualR πŸ˜€ (BTW moderators, sad to see something like this published here).

      Third: I suggest you to hold your horses and stop that teenager moaning. With that kind of behavior and writing this kind of things I’m afraid you’re putting yourself in a position that will bring you anything but respect πŸ˜‰


    • Gonzalo Rodriguez Sastre

      i have done tons of rips and conversions for private use and for my friends for many games during a lot of years
      and neither you neither nobody out of me and 4-6 people will get them.
      they do not content any readme file they just give us fun.

      a mod with unautorised content of comercial games and (EVEN OTHER MODDERS STUFF) with a readme file with “xxxxxxx mod by mr potato and mr eggplant” means something more, i know it, i did the same mistakes in the past.

      If you had asked for permission for those tires you will not have problem for use them. You did not spend two minutes asking for it.

      anyway nice work on those cars , they look gorgeous in Assetto Corsa.
      i will make some laps as soon as can.

      • aksu korkki

        do you have permission from car manufacturers to do these cars?if not dont cry there

    • Cote Dazur

      Thank you for sharing your work with us, without you those great cars would not be available for us to enjoy, we appreciate your efforts and passion for Assetto Corsa. Keep up the good work.

    • flitzi

      any chance to to include the Vette some day?

    • Stephan froth

      Mate , i love this Mod and anything of this era and i for one love the fact you made it for AC . So Thank You

  • David Dominguez

    Good job VirtualR, sharing a mod with all cars ripped from other games.

    Meanwhile tons of good scratch made mods, totally ignored.

  • Mark Bass

    Wow what a can of worms this is! Didn’t know we had so many MOD police out there and don’t know what the folks that released this are gaining from maybe (since I have NO idea who wrote what) stealing someone else’s work and modifying it. I liked when someone wanted to update Rfactor2 Toyota Celica GTO mod to put the new tire mod and skins they said they tried to contact the original owner but got no response and just updated it anyway. It ended up being a GREAT MOD.

    I would like to see this be a GREAT MOD but it does need some work. My first car was a 70 Cougar and it was a death trap. It had no weight over the back tires, too much power and pretty much just fish tailed all the time thanks to Ford’s horrible slip disk diff driving the wheels. Now I’m sure a race modified one would be better but these car seem to handle too good and brakes seem too good also. I was expecting it to be like the GT40, F40 and other classic mods that I go into the first corner and go “Oh yea NO BRAKES!!”. I found the 70 Firebird did at least fish tail and drift some corners so it was better than Cougar or Camaro I tried earlier.

    Also on the Cougar and 69 Camaro I had cars bumping me in the door and they came inside the car with me. Others have mentioned the sound and yes they all sound the same. It’s a good sound as it sounds like low reving Detriot piece of iron with some cool headers but it would be nice to not make a Ford 298 sound like a Chevy 350. Well the Cougar said 298 on the hood but every one I ever saw with a V8 it was a 351.

    • Happ Download

      TransAm cars were limited to 302 CID back in the day, so there were no Chevy 350’s, or anything over 302, racing TransAm in that era.

      • Den Burnout

        I suspect he just refers to the small block Chev using the same sounds as the small block Ford, In both cases in Trans Am, usually a 302 (Which the Camaro Z-28 was created for to homogalate.) In reality these engines along with the Chrysler smallblock all sound completely different and unique.

      • Mark Bass

        Thanks for the info ! I didn’t know they had a limitation other than maybe small block vs big block. Drove 10 hrs to see the vintage Trans Am race at Indy last summer and it was a blast. They did divide the cars to group A and B thinking it wasn’t fair to have Corvettes, AC Cobras, Mach 1 Mustangs and others vs smaller pony Mustangs and Camaros.

  • aksu korkki

    do modder have permission to do example ferrari f40 mod car?do he have permission to do that?is ferrari ok with it?if not everybody can mod a mod and change what ever want.

    • David Wright

      Your logic is flawed. If you think its wrong to create scratch mods then logically you shouldn’t download any mods except fictional ones.

    • clemenskaa

      Ferrari could indeed sue a modder for recreating a F40. But it would be hard to prove finacial damage for a real car manufacturer due to the existence of a mod car (especialy when it is free of charge). On the other hand, taking a car from Forza and porting it to AC means a user does not need to buy Forza to enjoy the car. This is a financial damage for the original creator. Thats why legal actions are much more likely.

      But that is not the point. What is wrong with some parts of this community? What is so hard to understand, that it is a difference to recreate an existing car from scratch out of admiration using a lot of skill and time in comparision to stealing content from other games or modders (and it really does not matter how small these pieces might be)?

      And why does virtualR support this kind of behavior by posting articles about such mods? The “author” even admitted that this is ripped content in the comments below. And he said, he didn’t asked to be featured here. So please do him the favour and delete this article …

  • Randy Winston

    Ugh, I was so ready for this but if its ripped off then I can wait. I would have loved to have gotten my dad on assetto corsa to drive a virtual Javelin AMX on the days when he couldn’t drive his real one. Is HistoriX working on a conversion to any of the new sims?

    • Rantam

      I can only say that no, these don’t feel or look like HistorX’s πŸ˜‰

  • McClusky

    While I appreciate the time and effort put in any mod I feel this one needs some help. I love this era of racing so I was hoping this would be on par with something like the old Power and Glory Mod for GTR2 but it’s not, the cars just don’t feel right and the sounds don’t sound right but again I do appreciate the effort and I look forward to the re-release if there ever is one.

  • Stephan froth

    Thank You , Thank You , Thank You . I love it . How can i get in contact with the Modders to ask them to do the rest of the cars that are in the History X Mod . Even if they didnt get these from there just to bring more cars from this Era .
    I’ve been driving the History X cars in AMS and was hoping for them in etheir AC or rF2 and now to have this is amazing .

    • Rantam

      These aren’t HistorX’s cars πŸ˜‰

      • Stephan froth

        If HistorX Guys would release their cars for AC/rF2 and AMS then people wouldn’t need to make these. Where there’s demand someone has to supply. I for one am glad tjese Legends where released. I love em.

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