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DIY Formula One Wheel Finished – Photos

DIY Formula One Wheel Finished – Photos

Željko Roso has finished his very impressive DIY Formula One wheel that comes with countless of features and buttons as listed below.

The handmade wheel comes with a quick release adapter for Logitech’s G25 & G27 models as well as Fanatec and ECCI wheels.


– handmade
– carbon fibers, aluminium and stainless steel construction
– grips made of real leather (optional alcantara or carbon look material)
– 12 buttons (optional high quality knitter pushbuttons)
– 2 rotary switches to change display info, 1 rotary switch for brightness
– 2 extra 12-position rotary switches, 1 extra rotary encoder
– 2 “thumb” rotary encoders for elegant and easy control
– adjustable shift paddles and analog hall sensor clutch paddles
– 3 additional leds for various indications
– quick release (optional “Sparco” electrical quick release)
– quick release adapter tested and working with G25, G27, Fanatec
wheels and ECCI wheels. On demand can be manufactured to fit any type of wheel base
– very easy to assemble, no need to open the wheel base

The wheel sells for 670€ + VAT including international shipping, interested sim racers can contact him here.


  • Marco Linke

    Awesome! Is it possible to get the quick release for the fanatec wheels as standalone version? How long will it take to ship the wheel if I would order today?

  • Pinball

    Wow, that is an impressive piece of kit. Željko Roso should send a few samples off to different race teams as a resume, and play the different teams off for a job. That’s some serious skill.

  • Lezec

    I have one from Zeljko, the wheel is supper and Zeljko is great guy, good support to.

  • H-A-R-I-S

    Awesome, this is best wheel…go Roso

  • felipe

    wish the Euro was more up to the chinese yuan 🙁 what a piece of art I would trade in any of Picasso’s work for one of these :'(

  • Beck me

    I own one of these wheels myself, serial#004
    awesome guy and a awesome product!
    Thanx Roso

  • schuey

    So damn awesome.

  • Deano

    Wow, very impressive….. I know what I want for Christmas. 🙂

  • Who

    Where i can buy this wheel?  😎

  • u right!