Derek Speare Designs Unveils Upcoming New Products

The guys at Derek Speare Designs are continuously expanding their lineup of sim racing hardware, introducing us to some upcoming new products.

One of the new products shown is the CSL Elite Panels, button-box panels that attach directly to Fanatec’s new CSL Elite wheel, providing a wide range of new buttons.

DSD’s comprehensive line of button boxes will soon be expanded with the Vector, a limited-edition controller with a few new features DSD will reveal soon.

Logitech owners can also look forward to two new products to spice up their existing wheel setup. The DSD Formula Wheel is made to replace the G27 steering rim with a Formula-style design featuring a wide range of buttons.

The G25/G27 pedal set can soon be upgraded with the DSD Load Cell Conversion kit, introducing a 200kg load cell that is being installed as “drop in” device without modifying any existing Logitech parts. Also load cell powered is the new super compact Type 4 Handbrake, no bigger than a paperback book.

More details on these products will be available soon. In the meantime you can check out plenty of previews below or visit the DSD website.

  • ImageArtSigns .

    Oh yes, very nice….unfortunately though I upgraded my G27 to a T300RS a while back, otherwise that Formula Rim and other G27 products look fantastic.
    P.S. If anyone reads this…how do you map the dial switches on the Formula Rim?….how are they used?…

  • Bakkster

    I love my DSD button box, dude does good work.

    I’ve been looking for handbrakes, and this small form factor might be just the ticket. The cable coming up on the side it does isn’t ideal, though. Seems it would get in the way, especially since I enter/exit my rig on the side with my shifter.

    Also nice to see a new G27 load cell upgrade option exists in the event my Andy Pastore pedal ever dies.

    • Chillisteak

      Wish he’d released these before I went and purchased my Clubsport Handbrake, mounting would have been so much easier.

  • Me

    Accuforce F1 wheel please.

  • Frank Wiater

    Derek does make some really nice stuff and I have purchased more than a few items from him and the service has always been great. I hope there is an option for some paddle shifters on that Formula wheel, no fun without it. Also id like to see Derek bring out an option to upgrade the pushbuttons to something like Knitter or comparable quality, something with a bit of a more positive click when its pressed. I see the wheel back cover was 3d printed so modifications should be fairly easy to do, looks like the front carbon plate is providing the structural rigidity needed for Accuforce or other direct drive wheels.

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