DEM DRS-F150 Wheel – Photos & Features

DEM Racing Simulators have released photos of their newest product – The DRS F150 wheel.

The new wheel is based on Thrustmaster’s Ferrari Formula One wheel add-on for the T500 RS. While Thrustmaster has come fairly close to create a replica of the real-life F150 steering wheel, their product lacked a few features of the real deal such as the working rotary encoders, a working display and clutch paddles.

DEM has addressed these issues, equipping the wheel with the missing features and an additional quick-release mechanism that makes it compatible to all major racing wheels.


  • Rubber Handles
  • 6 Rotary Encoders
  • 2 Rotary Switches
  • 8 buttons
  • Clutch with Hall sensors
  • Optional Quick Release
  • Light weight (1100 g without QR)
  • Compatible with all major commercial wheels.

You can check out photos of the new wheel below, the DRS-F150 isn’t listed on the company’s website yet so pricing info isn’t available as of now.

  • Kyle Puttifer

    I want that.

  • Kevin McDonald

    looking at their website, they tend to sell these wheels at about a 1000euros.

    Seems abit steep.

  • Anonymous

    wow three times as much as the original t500 wheel……… ouch.

  •ørensen/100000834833894 Karsten Da Silva Sørensen

    /well the site couldn’t be more wotrhless :-/

  •ørensen/100000834833894 Karsten Da Silva Sørensen

    the site is not very information  friendly; there is any prices nor any  product information at the present time. I  Hope their will come alot more to come  :_))

  •ørensen/100000834833894 Karsten Da Silva Sørensen

    1050,00€ + shipment ouch !

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