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Culmone67 Complete GTR2 Pack – Released

Culmone67 Complete GTR2 Pack – Released

Culmone67 has released impressive track texture updates in the past weeks, giving plenty of GTR2’s tracks much better textures and a much improved overall look.

If you haven’t downloaded all of them yet, you can now get all of his GTR2 updates in one big pack. The 180mb package includes new textures for all of GTR2’s standard tracks – From Anderstorp to Zhuhai. A few previews of what to expect can be found below.

Download Culmone67 Complete GTR2 Pack Here

  • yokelhama

    Very impressive! Anyone know if these work on Delphis converted tracks to rfactor please?

  • ibyte_dk

    I most say… impressive doesn’t even begin to describe this. If simbin had Culmone67 in the design team. This game would have rocked the world when it came out.

    Like Jezza would have said:
    “Culmone67 with his texturing skills are truely exceptional… in the world”

  • Gopher04

    yokelhama, if they are the orignal gtr2 tracks that have been converted, then yes they should, but you might have to extract the textures first like i do for the gtrevo ones.

  • tarnakman

    Culmone67 you are the best!
    im getting back to gt2 now thanks to your fantastic track update.
    yokelhama: if you find a way to do this just letme know pls cause i tried and i’m not able to do it!

  • F1Racer

    amazing work. Really top notch quality. Any GTR2 own worth their salt should get these.
    Thanks Culmone67 !

  • Paul Kelly

    Simply stunning work. This transforms GTR2 with no framerate hit.

    I wish Culmone67 could turn his talents to the force feedback of GTR2 and make it more like RealFeel or Live For Speed. He’s a magic man!

  • crbassassin

    anyone knows where i could find the rFactor version?

  • paupau

    A bit late to post a comment, hope this is good as all the comments say.

    cheers Culmone