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Croft for rFactor 2 – Full Lap Video

feels3 has released a new preview video of his well-progressing Croft track for rFactor 2, showing us a complete lap around the track for the very first time.

feels3 has released a new preview video of his well-progressing Croft track for rFactor 2, showing us a complete lap around the track for the very first time.

Croft is the first scratch-made track for rFactor 2 made by a community member and by the looks of it, things are starting out very well for rFactor 2 modding tracks.

Located in Dalton-on-Tees in North Yorkshire, England, Croft is a popular British motor racing circuit. Located on a former Royal Airforce airfield, the track is 3.4 kilometers long and includes 12 turns. Croft hosts both four and two wheel racing, including the British Touring Car Championship and British Superbikes.

  • Anonymous

    Now this looks rf2-worhy, great!

  • gecko

    WOW incredible work!! What a masterpiece!!!!

    feels incase you’re reading this: Are you a professional artist or freetime modder?

    what an achievement, congratulations feels!

  • Luke Longnecker

    Disappointed the video isn’t in HD. ūüôĀ

    • Anonymous

      He was having internet problems so could only update a lower res one. I’m sure he will upload an HD version in time. Even in this res though it’s clear the track looks amazing, texture work looks spot on. Looks very iRacing but once ISI give is all the eye candy it will demolish iRacings style IMO. Once they get the shaders, lighting and shadows fixed along with tracks of this quality and Tuttles Top Gear, it will look an amazing game.

      • Anonymous

        ¬†…and the rear end physics ūüôā

      • Ricoo

        ¬†It’s just a set-up problem. Physics is top level.

      • Anonymous

        Only the F3.5 is a problem here for me. And with the high DF setup and some manual tuning it feels ok too me. Not perfect though. But the Megane, 370z and the classic F1’s are stupidly good in terms of physics, i have no problems holding the rear in slides. Try turning your FFB down if you have not already if you can’t catch it. I run 60% if that helps on all cars.

        The main thing with the F3.5 is too install the downforce package that’s under “Tuning” on the car selection screen and reduce the steering lock in game in the setup

  • Martin Rasmussen


  • Chris McLellan

    Bloody Awesome, can’t wait..great work!

  • Anonymous

    This used to be my local track and it looks so good on this video.  Details look good. 
    This and the Top Gear track is going to be a great kickstarter when rF2 gets going properly.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing work ISI should pay this guy and put the track in the game by default. 

  • Justin ForzaBar√ßa Cruze

    Looking very good, seems rather bumpy too which is great.
    Should give the FFB a workout ūüôā

  • Ricoo

    Amazing work! We are so lucky having so talented track artists. ūüôā

  • Anonymous

    feels3, the entire rF2 community is relying on you to make this awesome. But don’t let that put any pressure on you. ^_^

  • Matt Orr

    It’s both sad and amazing to see something in the works before the game even is “actually” out look much better graphically than ISI can do themselves.

    • Anonymous

       I dont see it as sad.  It is exactly what happened with rf1.

  • feels3

    Thanks guys!
    I have tried to upload HD version but it’s too big so in the meantime few shots from final (almost) version. Few tweaks are needed (especially colors), but generally this is how it looks. Of course final effects depends on lighting and HDR, so fingers crossed for ISI

    • Robert G√∂dicke

      Your texture work is what makes your track look so stunning for me I
      guess, things like skids on and off the track, dirty bumps and textures
      which do not repeat themselves over and over again. Looks a little bit
      like iRacing’s texture art, I like that.

      • Anonymous

        Yah really good texture work , decent road textures are important for getting a sense of speed , and really help drivers to target brake points. 

        Evan though RF2 has fairly pore DRX 9 lighting and shadows simply by using good textures RF2 and any game for that matter can look good.

        With this track Feels3 has done a fantastic job , Its  the texture blending and the extra details that make the track far more believable , all that on top of using/making decent raw textures. 

        I would love to see him try to use some small bill boards for patches of grass , only really small subtle patches mind you of grass and weeds that would be the icing on the cake.

        I have only been to this track in real life on an overcast day but from his renders looks prity much  spot on , be nice if he does some renders with overcast/rain as that is what the weather is 95% of the time up north in the uk lol.

  • tgn motorsports

    Sweet a rf track that does not look like it was made in 1974. great work …more like this and maybe just maybe ill buy.

  • punkfest2000

    Nice job.  One of my favourite tracks.