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Creating rFactor Physics with Niels – Video Tutorial

Physics guru Niels Heusinkveld shares some of his secrets in a new tutorial video.

Sim racers know Niels Heusinkveld very well as the physics mastermind not just behind several rFactor mods but also Reiza Studios’ Game Stock Car title.

Now, Niels gives us a look behind the scenes as he has released a quite in-depth video tutorial as we get to follow him creating a set of Nissan Deltawing physics for rFactor.

This is must-see stuff not just for rFactor mod makers but basically everyone who wants to get a better understanding on how physics creation for sim racing titles works.

  • GamerMuscle

    Very clear and well spoken videos

    It would be fantastic if he keeps producing these and covers the entire process.

    • ericarchie

      I would like to thank Neils for this, i am very new to rfactor or any sims but with lots of research and by dragging out some of my old engineering books i can begin to see the way of things. Without Neils input it
      would have been even further to climb my way thro.

  • Ivan Schiöübel Notaroš

    woah… That spreadsheet is golden! Combining with the expertise in the physics, now I understand that the underlying organization is basic to a great mod. Considering I’m battling with all the files all the time.. I think I’m gonna reorganize now =)

  • Niels Heusinkveld

    Glad people like it, there will be more (and more and more) I predict, so subscribe / take regular looks as I hope to add about two vids a week!

    • Guillaume Siebert

      I get your point, but then watching the videos is just watching at a great tool you’ll never get your hands on, because you’re not explaining much about cars physics and how they work in rFactor (at least for now) 🙁

      • Niels Heusinkveld

        That will change at least a little bit in a show or two when work starts on the tires.

        But it was never intended to explain rFactor or vehicle dynamics. Just an over the shoulders look at a ‘day in the office’.

  • Eduardo Kissilevitch

    We need more.. I love the spreadsheet I want that hehehe.

  • Sigmatc

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing

    Great spreadsheet too

  • Guillaume Siebert

    Very interesting but a bit useless without the magic spreadsheet no ?

    • Henk Ensing

      Yes, very unthoughtful of Niels… Seriously, like any magician the real secret stays where it belongs 😉

      • Guillaume Siebert

        Why would they need to stay where they belong ? Wouldn’t be great that everybody had access to such a tool ? For sure not everybody would know how to use it, but the level of amateurish physics work would certainly rise. But like Niels said this tool is his money maker, so … 😉

      • Chris Considine

        Imagine how much time he spent making and refining that spreadsheet.

  • Paul Kelly

    Niels is the MAN when it comes to rFactor physics. Great work, dude.

  • Paul Pantel

    niel this is one of the best modding video’s ive seen! we all think its extremly exciting!!! most of the fun with rfactor and sims is the creation part. I would spend many hours on that spreadsheet!!!

  • RemcoHitman

    Good work, Niels! You almost make it look fun 😉

  • shadow explorer

    While I’m not involved in physics creation. I would like to learn more about it.

    From the title I assumed I will watch a tutorial…
    However it turned out to be a showcase of a special sheet no one else can use.

    Your skills are surely impressive!
    However I think its wrong to tease people with something they can not have…