The Corvette C7.R for Automobilista Is Here

Following versions for rFactor 2 & Assetto Corsa, United Racing Design and SandroX have now brought their Corvette C7.R to Automobilista.

The mod adds Corvette’s current GTE-class challenger to Reiza Studios’ simulation, bringing a modern-day GT car to the title.

The car has been continuously developed for several platforms, ensuring a rounded experience that is well worth a download.

The Corvette C7.R is Corvette’s newest weapon of choice for competition in FIA/ACO GTE racing, replacing the ultra-successful C6.R that clinched various Le Mans wins for Corvette.

  • ImageArtSigns .

    This is quite good, FFB is stronger than AMS’s own cars at the same setting. Although if URD would supply a ‘Read Me’ for were you drag and drop the files into the Steam folder for install…that would be great…as unfortunately I thought I mucked up my AMS install when drag and dropped them into, what I thought were the correct folders…then started AMS up and no cars were listed on the Series Menu…nothing, all totally vanished…had to do a Steam ‘Verify Integrity’ which luckily got everything back…Phew…then carefully had another go at installing URD package, which I am glad to say worked….old guy here, memory fading…lol

    • jotaf1df

      Really I feel the FFB is more stronger than AMS’s own cars. This car is great, thank you URD and SandroX.

  • Ernie

    Nice. I’m really interested to see how it drives compared to the rF2 one.

    And i wonder if the rest of the URD EGT mod will also be released for Automobilista.

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