Comment Rules

In light of past and recent topics in where posts  and debates degraded to an unacceptable level , rather than simply requesting that members stick to acceptable posting guidelines, is now putting it’s posting rules into black and white so there can be no confusion about what will and will not be acceptable.  These rules will be strictly enforced.

We feel these rules are necessary and reasonable and wish nothing but to promote respectful healthy conversations and debates amongst our members to make acceptable reading for everyone else.   We cannot allow the quality of the site to be degraded by the behaviour of a few individuals who are unable to post in a respectful manner.

We are all sim-racers here with the same passion in a very small community.  Let’s treat each other properly and in a manner that we ourselves would expect to be treated. – Posting Rules

To all members:  In order to make your stay a pleasant and constructive experience, please take time to read through our posting rules.

1      It is mandatory that all posts be in English.

2      No aggressive behaviour, flaming or trolling in any thread.

3      Do not post anything which is offensive, hateful, racist, sexist, discriminatory, obscene or vulgar.  This includes the systematic use of foul language (including censoring such as ‘s**t or f!&k – when you type those, we still read what you meant).

4      Do not post anything in violation of local or international laws (such as links to pirated software, hacks, cracks or anything that would break copyright law)

5      Remain respectful of other members, moderators and administrators at all times.
Whilst you have every right to disagree with the opinion of a fellow member, if you are going to express that opinion, then do so in a courteous manner and explain your perspective.
You are not free to attack, degrade, insult or otherwise belittle others or the quality of this blog.   Phrases such as “shut up idiot” are the sort of posts that are not acceptable and should be reported via the flagging system.  A suggested alternative would be “I disagree with that for the following reasons….”

6      Consistent off-topic posts are not allowed (i.e. spam or hijacking)

7      The administrators and moderators have the right to edit or delete posts without warning if they break any of the above rules.  Any member re-posting an edited or deleted post will serve a temporary 7-day ban.

8      It is not allowed to re-post under another name or account while serving a ban.  Doing so may result in a permanent or IP ban.

Q: What happens if I break a rule ?

A: If you break a rule, then you will either be warned or banned depending on severity.  A ban of your user account may either be temporary or permanent.  If you are given an official warning, any further warnings within the next 30 days will result in a temporary ban which will last  for a minimum of 7 days. If you are not given an official warning, a note may be taken by a moderator or administrator and the incident may be logged for future reference.

While a ban will normally involve only a ban of your user account, in extreme circumstances, it is possible to block your IP address from the forums.

If a member continues to break any rules after serving a ban, he/she will face a lengthier, or more likely, permanent ban.

Q: What happens if I see a post which has broken a rule?

A:  Please report the post to the moderator/administrator using the ‘flag’ link which appears at the bottom left of a post when you move your mouse over that post. This report will be sent to the moderator and administrator, who will respond to the incident as quickly as possible

If you have any questions about comment-related matters, you can contact the moderator staff by clicking here.


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