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Comment Moderator Appointed

A moderator will keep track of the VirtualR comment section from now on.

VirtualR is quickly nearing a total of 70.000 comments and discussion among readers has never been more popular than these days.

Whether it’s the comfortable new commenting system or the renewed interesting sim racing in general, the number of comments is rapidly picking up as the story on rFactor 2′ beta release has recently reached the record breaking number of 456 comments for one single item.

Unfortunately, more comments also result in a higher effort needed to keep things neat and tidy as plenty of readers have rightfully complained about the lack of moderation in the comments. Since I simply can’t police the comments all day, I have decided to appoint a moderator that will ensure that the comments will stay clean of profanity and insults.

F1Racer_RR has taken over the job as VirtualR’s first-ever moderator, he’s been a VirtualR reader basically since day one and is a well-respected member of the community. I’d like to point out that nobody’s opinion is going to be censored here, it’s just about controlling the way opinions are being voiced. As long as you stay away from insults and respect other readers , nothing’s going to change for you.

I hope this measure will ensure that everybody keeps having fun on here and you all keep on enjoying VirtualR!


  • Wesley M

    I think it is well needed to appoint a moderator as the MMG F1 2008 Topic turned out to be a (childish) flame war.

    Making F1Racer_RR a Moderator seems like a good choice to me and although he has to moderate these articles from now on I hope he can still contribute to the Articles as much as he did before, which is a thing which seems to lessen after a person becomes a moderator.

    Anyway congratz F1Racer_RR by becoming the first ever VirtualR Moderator!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Wesley. I’ll try to be as much of a contributer as ever.  🙂

  • Anonymous

    This was much needed, thank you.

  • colon cowboy

    stupid. things will be much less interesting with a nazi mod

    • Anonymous

      And you hereby proved that having a mod is a good idea -.-

      • Anonymous

        Just to prove I’m not a nazi, I`ll let you get away with that one.   But don’t test me too far 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Considering I have only just been appointed, I don’t know how you can determine how I will perform.
      If the only thing that interests you are insults and bullying then you’ll have to look elsewhere.
      However just to prove I’m not a nazi, I`ll let you get away with that one.   But don’t test me too far 🙂

      • Danny

        they appoint a mod who regularily gets into arguments with members. Smart.

      • Anonymous

        I prefer to think of them as heated debates, Danny 🙂   I don’t hold grudges with the people I debate with.   They are all fellow sim-racers in the end regardless of their opinions.
        I decided in the new year that I would tone down my ‘debates’ with people as I know I can be a bit full-on and stronly opinionated.
        Plus I don’t like being seen as this argumentative bad guy cos that’s not really who I am.

        An example of my toning down is my lack of responses to you in the MAK Renault renders thread, but god knows I was tempted. 

        Arguments and debates and all fine and healthy.  But there are provisos to that.  No personal insults, name calling or bullying.   That goes nowhere.  You want an argument, go right ahead.  Although I’m not encouraging people do that.   But if you can’t have one without it degenerating into insults and character assassinations, then I’m going to step in.   There’s lines you don’t cross.

      • Steve Farrell

        I completely agree F1Racer_RR

      • Kyle Puttifer

        Go away Danny, there’s no Mak-Corp news in this article.

      • Steve Farrell

        Do you have to be insulting in every single post?

    • Steve Farrell

      In all honesty I think there should be two mods so that Montoya and F1Racer_RR is’nt overloaded with moderating the comments.

  • Cedric Cornelis

    That’s a very good idea. Some topics really turned out to big discussions with a lot of insults.
     @ colon: You know, that’s exactly what they mean.

  • Tomas Beha

    Very much needed, keep it clean – I don’t really know, how I should feel about being in that shot though.. ?? 😛 – haha 🙂

    • Anonymous

      that’s purely coincidence, I was just looking for a random comment shot, it’s not meant to show off negative behavior 😉

      • Tomas Beha

        I know, NP 😉

  • Anonymous

    Thanks @F1Racer_RR for stepping up and helping out!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks.  It as the only viable solution for me even staying here.   Just need to have this place a little more pleasant to visit.

  • zudthespud

    Good news. The MMG thread was everything that’s wrong with the community.

    • Luke Russell

      Yeah, that thread was painful to read. No winners there, only losers.

      • Kyle Puttifer

        I found it absolutely hilarious. 😀

      • Laurent Cortier

        Thanks 😉

        Actually, the MMG was quite amusing, there was only one troll, Danny, and he had only one ennemy. Actually, Petros has been very helpful on that thread and there weren’t too many insults. The worst of them all was of course the rF2 thread where insults were flying (and I’m proud to have been insulted the most, I believe… Looks like trolls like me very much ;))

      • Anonymous

        Oh I don’t know, i felt I owned Danny quite hard 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Right man for the job imo.

    • Anonymous

      Cheers man.  Appreciate that.

  • Dan Abbitt

    Congratulations to F1Racer! I don’t like to post often as everything just gets dragged into a flame war but it should now make the site much friendler and the “trolls” might learn to move on 🙂

    Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    things can only get better

  • Marcus Caton

    “neat and tidy” Oh boy here we go…

  • Diego Colafabio

    Nice news, and congrats to F1Racer 🙂

  • Philip Antonia

    We’re all doomed!!!! Doomed I tell you!!!!!!

    Lol, well done F1Racer and Montoya for your continued success with Virtualr :).

    • Anonymous

      LOL, thanks Philip.  🙂

  • Ricoo

    Good luck F1Racer_RR. You will probably be very busy now…

    • Anonymous

      hehe, well I hope not. 
      If people don’t cross the line, they`ll never know I’m anything other than another ordinary member.

  • Anonymous

    O.k. let’s go racing now, shall we?

  • Tomas Beha

    F1Racer_RR, you can pretty much just NUKE this thread then…

    But I think you know 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I would personally like to annul those comments.  I think that decision is Montoya’s though.

      • Mojo66

        Can some kind person summarize that thread please for someone who is too lazy to read through 131 comments? TIA.

      • Dan Abbitt

        Post: Bitch about MMG / Mak Corp
        Response: Defend ^
        Respone: BitchPost: Bitch about rF2Post: Bitch about iRacing

        And repeat…

      • Steve Farrell

        All I see is one guy called danny that has a beef with MMG and is going all out to insult them in every single post.

      • * LeazesNDR *

        You do realise that you are not allowed to go to sleep or go out and enjoy yourself anymore, dont you.
        Good luck with your “new job”.

        * gives thumbs up sign *

  • Sam Sturino

    Grats F1Racer to you bro!! I know Rob has made a great choice in his Moderator..

  • Stuart Becktell

    Thank you very much for your work here and in the future F1!

  • Adam Špaček

    Good news! Good luck and strong nerves F1Racer… You will need it 🙂

  • Nizar Sahraoui

    F1Racer_RR will do a good job as alwayse he do 😉

  • Anonymous

    wow.. cool… yea, it used to be nice to visit here. (before all the slander)

    nice it will be moderated now.

  • Alex White

    Awesome 😀

    Good luck dude! 🙂

  • Kyle Puttifer

    Good bye Danny. 😛
    Congrats to F1Racer.

  • Laurent Cortier

    Thank you Montoya for listening. 

    And thank you to F1Racer… I couldn’t be happier to see you appointed as VirtualR’s first moderator. It’s a big responsability but I trust your judgment and empathy to do “the right thing”.

    Wow, now I need some holidays 😉

  • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

    Much needed.
    Good luck mate 🙂

  • Rhys Gardiner

    Good on ya Montoya and F1Racer! VirtualR has needed this for some time.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you to those for their supportive comments.  Much appreciated guys.

  • Shawn Rice

    Great news!  Hope that will get those potty mouths to think twice before saying something stupid!  Great move indeed! 

  • noro ardanto

    Congrats F1Racer_RR! Thanks Montoya for your quick reaction

  • noro ardanto

    I think VirtualR also needs a “news finder” or something as it seems bsimracing delivers more and faster simracing  news

    • Laurent Cortier

      That’s supposed to be Montoya, it’s his blog… If he doesn’t do the moderation and stops doing the news, won’t be his anymore 😉

      • noro ardanto

        the “news finder” doesn’t have to be “announced” 😉 …even a great comedian have a team to write most of his joke right?

  • Anonymous

    did i say something?…

    great website and content!

    keep up the great work.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent choice.

    The trolling on the comment section becomes unbearable sometimes, and a mod is def needed.

    goid luck, mate.

    • Anonymous

      Yes we all like mods especially for RF2!

      To be serious now, whatever your point of view is, I thing one has a greater impact when being polite.

  • Olivier Prenten

    The problem with this kind of comment system is the english language used. Some people seem to have problems to express their feelings correctly. I mean sometimes instead of using “I don’t like those effects…those physics…”, they use “This is just shit…what a joke…”! It’s just the way they express themselves which is wrong. Of course it can also be an education problem but I won’t start in this debate!

    P.S.: Grats to our new moderator! 😀



    • Anonymous

      Its almost like manor’s don’t apply online, 

      In fact i don’t think people use them in real life anymore either!

      Congrats F1 racer! excellent choice there!!

      • rui silva

        So true my friend so true … :

    • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

      Personally, I hope the moderating is directed towards personal insults and name calling.
      Thats what causes the threads to spiral out of control.
      The odd swear word here and there……not a big deal imo.

      • Laurent Cortier

        IMHO, personal insults are only the extreme, and once a troll is using insults, everyone knows the debate is pointless.

        My problem is more with the constant whining and bashing by people who don’t even like the game they comment on. It’s the negativity that kills my joy on VirtualR, not the kids acting up…

      • Marco Conti

        As I pointed out in another thread, comment systems and forum give the impression that there are no real people on the other side. I doubt if half the trolls on the various boards I frequent would have the guts to express themselves in the same fashion if we were in a actual RL meeting.  So the impersonal nature of the comments drives some people to be nastier than they would otherwise be. Personally, I try to imagine that on the other side of the comment there is an actual human being with all the emotions, opinions and attitudes that all of us have. Even if I disagree  I don’t see the point in bashing the person because I disagree with the opinion.

        Profane language is another matter. I don’t like to use 4 letter words as substitute for otherwise perfectly good English words, but there are cases when using them conveys a certain feeling that would be hard to convey otherwise. In those cases I don’t believe any censorship should be used. 

        Congrats to F1_racer. I think he is a good choice and I trust his judgement.

      • rui silva

        agreed! coments must be seen as 1 piece not as many bits put together and “judgement” should be passed as for the intention of the coment not just the way it is writen.

  • Anonymous

    Ha-ha, i was just coming in here to say, let’s hope it’s F1 racer, and it is 🙂

    That’s the end of the trolls fun at VirtualR for sure.

    • Laurent Cortier

      I don’t think it’s the end. Only of the insults. They’ll still try to do everything they can to bash everything they see and can’t or won’t have. Sooner or later, F1Racer will have to decide how far he’s willing to go to get some real peace in here… If he’s too soft, he’ll be eaten alive by smart asses like the one just above.

      • Stuart Becktell

        I think if people just ignore them, it will stop. If you don’t respond, they don’t get what they want, and will eventually go away. There is nothing making anyone on here respond to anyone else. Let the idiots be idiots, you don’t need to tell them they’re idiots 🙂

      • Laurent Cortier

        Of course you’re completely right, but human nature makes it as difficult for the trolls to refrain themselves as for the average user not to respond to troll posts… It’s only normal people want to weed out the suckers themselves. You’ll always have people answering as long as there are trolls… It’s like matter and anti-matter…

      • Stuart Becktell

        True, but I was saying how we can all try to help stop it. If we all stop responding, then the number of trolls will slowly start to decrease.

      • Anonymous

        Next step is to have a dislike button that can bury a post once it gets so many dislikes (in relation to how many likes it has, some realistic ratio). But the software used for commenting (Disqus) doesn’t seem to have that feature at this time.

        I also think if in every thread about a topic, like cars, for example, the same person turns up just to say “the physics are shit” and that is pretty much all the have to say, they should start getting watched for patterns of soft trolling. Once or twice, or a few more, i can live with it, but 17 times just to annoy those trying to discuss something properly should be picked up on and sorted out. And by 17, i really mean more than 3 or 4 times in separate new stories – its enough to pick up on a pattern that isn’t going to stop.

        I also think people shouldn’t be banned and nothing is said, because then there is no warning to the children to bahave better. When a ban occurs, the mod could write under the final offending post that they have been banned, and why, in a professional manor of course.

        “Danny: banned for 5 days for venomous personal attacks.” as an example.

        Just my opinions 🙂

      • Anonymous

        ” If he’s too soft, he’ll be eaten alive by smart asses like the one just above.”

        I think you already know that won’t be happening 🙂

      • Laurent Cortier

        Oups 😉

        Yes sir, absolutely sir ! 😉

        PS: ROFLMAO, thanks, that felt guuuuuuuuuuuuud.

  • gt3rsr

    I just wanted to post a picture with Adolf, Mao and F1Racer side by side but… nah, too much work!

    • Laurent Cortier

      Can’t stop provoking, huh… 


    • Anonymous

      Yeah, what people don’t know is in his spare time, F1 Racer rounds up trolls, murders them and puts them in unmarked mass graves.

      • Anonymous

        I used to do that.  🙂
        Now I simply put them in a room, tie them to a chair, put matchsticks in their eyes to keep them open and put on a Justin Bieber concert on looped play.
        Rehabilitation success rate is pretty high 🙂  
        Some have been cured by the time he gets the 12th ‘Baby” lyric out.

      • Laurent Cortier

        Now that’s mean ! But hey, if it works, at least no animals were harmed in the process.

        * taking notes *

      • rui silva

        Justin Bieber ??? maaann thats to cruel …

      • Olivier Prenten

        Ah ah ah! Lol! That’s a good one… 😀

  • Laurent Cortier

    I found a picture that was on the point… 

  • Olivier Prenten

    Justin Bieber!!! Wow! You are terribly cruel there!!! 😉

    • Laurent Cortier

      Olivier, if you replied to F1Racer, maybe there’s a bug with the javascript in your browser. Which browser do you use for VirtualR, if you don’t mind me asking ? (and if of course you indeed have a bug)

      • Olivier Prenten

        Hello Laurent! I use Firefox 9! Strange indeed?

      • Laurent Cortier

        Apparently it doesn’t make it all the time…

        I’m using Chrome and I think I had a glitch or two in the beginning… Maybe Montoya was adjusting the system somehow, or some other passed event… 
        Some things we’ll never know 😉

  • StarFoXySxv550

    Good luck with this.

    I trust Montoya provided you with the industry-standard gold-plated “ban hammer”?

    • Laurent Cortier

      I don’t know what his “powers” are, but since F1Racer has been appointed mod, peace has come back… Respect !

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