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Comment Moderator Appointed

A moderator will keep track of the VirtualR comment section from now on.

VirtualR is quickly nearing a total of 70.000 comments and discussion among readers has never been more popular than these days.

Whether it’s the comfortable new commenting system or the renewed interesting sim racing in general, the number of comments is rapidly picking up as the story on rFactor 2′ beta release has recently reached the record breaking number of 456 comments for one single item.

Unfortunately, more comments also result in a higher effort needed to keep things neat and tidy as plenty of readers have rightfully complained about the lack of moderation in the comments. Since I simply can’t police the comments all day, I have decided to appoint a moderator that will ensure that the comments will stay clean of profanity and insults.

F1Racer_RR has taken over the job as VirtualR’s first-ever moderator, he’s been a VirtualR reader basically since day one and is a well-respected member of the community. I’d like to point out that nobody’s opinion is going to be censored here, it’s just about controlling the way opinions are being voiced. As long as you stay away from insults and respect other readers , nothing’s going to change for you.

I hope this measure will ensure that everybody keeps having fun on here and you all keep on enjoying VirtualR!


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