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Com8 Nordschleife 2009 – 24h Layout Preview

Com8 Nordschleife 2009 – 24h Layout Preview

Com8 has made lots of progress with reworking the Nürburgring Nordschleife in GTR Evolution. Based on the original Simbin version, his 2009 version will contain many changes such as new textures, the removal of all fictional advertisement boards and lots of trackside objects.

Below are first previews of the Nürburgring 24 Hour Race 2009 layout version of the track. The 24h race uses a slightly different configuration of the track that does not include the Mercedes Arena corners as these are needed for additional paddock space. Aside from the layout changes, the 24h version of course also features the main difference to normal races on the Nordschleife – Over 100.000 fans camping around the legendary track.

With the 24h layout out of the way, Com8 will now be concentration on adding another important feature that was missing in the original version of the track – Shadows. Aside from being released for GTR Evolution, Com8 is also planning on releasing an rFactor version of the track, equipped with a DVD-check to comply with Simbin’s community rules.

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