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Codemasters To Develop Official WRC Games from 2023

A major championship license has changed hands as Codemasters have secured the rights to produce the official World Rally Championship titles starting with the 2023 season.

The new deal marks Codemasters second exlusive ownership of a prestigious FIA license as the WRC joins the Formula One license held exlusively by the British developer.

Similar to the Formula One franchise, Codemasters’ WRC license will see the release of annual multi-platform games being released between 2023 & 2027.

The license change is potentially good news for sim racers looking forward to a more realistic WRC title as Codemasters have gotten plenty of critical acclaim for their realistic DiRT Rally & DiRT Rally 2 titles.

For several years at the beginning of the century, the exclusive license to produce WRC games lied with Sony, making the official WRC games Playstation exclusives. The platform horizon of the license was broadened when Milestone took over the license in 2010, releasing annual titles both on PC and various consoles.

In 2015, the license switched hands again with Big Ben Interactive publishing the Kylotonn-developed games. The French developer will continue to be responsible for the WRC franchise up to and including the 2022 season until Codematers takes over.

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