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Clio Cup 2013 for rFactor – First Video Trailer

eddy3spain has released a first preview video of the Renault Clio Cup 2013 for rFactor.

Back in 2009, Tomaz Stravs and eddy3spain released their Renault Clio Cup 2008 mod for rFactor. Now, eddy3spain has released a first preview video of the mod’s newest version, featuring the new-generation Renault Clio race car.

The mod has been created to be used in an official virtual Renault Clio Cup Championship using rFactor, you can check out first footage of the new car below.

As you can see in the video, the mod is still very much in development as the car features no interior yet, eddy3spain will release more material on his progress soon.

  • Ethan Bass

    These do look like great fun but I have to ask one thing. Do the tyres feel like lifeless lumps on concrete? Cause the current Clios feel so bad for me and I’ve tried every FFB option for rFactor. I have trouble telling where the tyres are when I drive them they just give no feel whatsoever meaning it’s hard to tell how wide and long the Clio is. Please tell me the tyres actually feel like real tyres, ones filled with air and made of rubber that flexes about.

    • Jos

      Rfactor 2 🙂

      • Ethan Bass

        Well rFactor2 isn’t finished and isn’t this mod being made for rFactor1?

      • eddy3spain

        The mod is going to be released for rfactor 1 only. When rFactor 2 is no longer a beta, I will probably convert the mod to rFactor 2 as well.

    • eddy3spain

      Yes, the physics are much better than the clio 2008 mod’s physics. The new physics are made from scratch to avoid having the same weird behaviours as the old one, and we have a lot of information from the real car. 😉

  • Lemming77

    This isn’t really my thing, but the exterior of the car looks fantastic! They look really lively in motion too, looks like great fun! Nice work. 🙂

  • Matt Orr

    “The mod has been created to be used in an official virtual Renault Clio Cup Championship”

    Sounds interesting. Not my cup of tea, but interesting none the less.

  • Wim

    Seems like a hefty fun mod. it has my vote.