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City Bus Simulator 2010 – Demo Released

City Bus Simulator 2010 – Demo Released

Back in 2008, I posted a short story on a public bus simulator for the PC. What was meant to be a light-hearted new story on a rather bizarre simulator generated lots of interest as they story is still attracting hits today.

So, since there’s obviously a demand for bus simulations, some of you will be pleased to see the following as a demo of the City Bus Simulator 2010 is now available. Set in New York City, City Bus Simulator lets you drive on many well-known routes, features include a route editor, a virtual radio station highly-detailed buses and more. For more info, check out the video below and visit the game’s website.

By the way, I´m very much looking forward to the discussion on whether or not the bus physics are hardcore enough 😉

Download City Bus Simulator 2010 Demo Here

  • hypertek

    sweet lol.. i wonder if the people react to you smashing into things/crashing the bus etc lol

  • DevonK

    “By the way, I´m very much looking forward to the discussion on whether or not the bus physics are hardcore enough or not.”

    LOL – good one! :sd:

  • UncleChuckle

    I have Bus Driver I think it’s called. It’s surprisingly fun and requires skill. No harsh acceleration or braking. Time is important, as is obeying the laws of the road.

    Hell, I tried to fathom Tokyo Bus Guide on my Dreamcast!

    When done well it’s a fun niche within a niche genre. But there IS a very bad one out there from the truck simulator people. That was bloody terrible.

  • stabiz

    Humanity amazes me. :tongue: Why oh why would anyone want to drive a bus on their spare time?

  • Jack_NL

    Cool man

    Hope the physics are good ;

    If you gonna do some dutch cities
    make it very realistic to put some “foreigners in a group” in the Sim
    that beat the crap out of the bus driver for nothing.

  • N0body Of The Goat

    Looks like someone has stolen “lalala’s” thunder (rfactor bus mod)! 😆

  • Rasmus

    Hahahaha. This has to be the most stoner game ever!!

    It looks like the GTA engine actually. Also, nice rendition of a New York City where everyone speaks German 😆

    This is perhaps the funniest post on VirtualR ever!

  • niki97

    Hello I need little help on this site.
    this is a mod for the game city bus driver2010?
    if so
    I need help in where to find mode and how to insert it into the game.
    If someone can help me PLEASE

  • niki97

    I found how to insert modes in the game. and I have a patch for the game version 3.0, but
    now I have another problem
    i want to play with other bus appears to me a mistake
    that says send and do not send wherever you click Remove me from the game. if someone can help me. in any case, thanks