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Check Out More GTR3 Spa Francorchamps Previews

More previews of Simbin Studios UK’s GTR3 title have been released.

Three days ago, Simbin Studios UK announced to revive the iconic GTR franchise by announcing GTR 3.

Now, new previews of the title have surfaced, showing off more of GT3 cars at Spa Francorchamps that were already visible in the first two previews.

GTR3 will be the first serious racing game to use the Unreal 4 engine as base, the only other sim title that has been banking on the popular FPS engine is the unreleased KartKraft title. The Unreal 4 engine will allow GTR3 to feature day & night transitions as well as weather simulation.

Coming to both PC and consoles, GTR3 is planned to strike a balance between simulation physics and accessibility, with the creators citing Codemasters’ Formula One series as an example of the planned direction in terms of handling.

With the full version to be released in 2018, Simbin UK plans to have a playable version available within 6 months time. More information is available at RaceDepartment.

Simbin Studios UK will be continuing the GTR’s franchise heritage that goes back all the way to the SBDT modding team and the iconic GTR mods for F1 Challenge which led to the foundation of the original Simbin Studios that, led by Ian Bell, developed the successful first two installments of the GTR franchise.

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