Check Out First Previews Of The Matra MS670 For rFactor 2

Apex Modding is working on several Le Mans legends for rFactor 2 and here’s their newest project – The Matra MS670.

Built by the French Matra Sports squad, the light-blue colored race car became famous for winning the Le Mans 24 Hours three times in a row from 1972 to 1974.

Apex Modding is building the 1973 MS670B version that was powered by a 3 liter V12 engine, a power plant that is considered to be one of the best sounding in sports car racing history.

  • fernando sobroza

    Sound is very important in games.Helps a lot on immersion. Once rFactor2 has very poor crappy DFV sound, maybe we will have a very good Matra engine sound from you guys !

  • fernando sobroza

    The sound will be made from scratch? I’ve been asking around and the best way to have a good sound is by recording the sound of the car in something like a dyno. Use specialized people to do the recording. People who work in recording studios. They know what kind of microphone to use and where to place each of them. For each hev the position and distance of the microphones must be modified. Different distances capture different frequencies. You must have specialized people in car game sounds to check if the most relevant
    frequencies are being recorded and whether the recorded material is
    usable. If not … then the microphones should be repositioned. The acoustics of the place are also very important. Open or closed places makes diferences. I know all this because I will be recording in the near future the sound of an F1 Ford DFV 🙂

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