Check Out First Previews Of The BMW M6 In R3E

Sector3 Studios have released previews of an upcoming GT3-class addition to RaceRoom Racing Experience.

The previews show BMW’s M6 GT3 on the Nürburgring Nordschleife from various angles, the car will be joining the simulation some time in 2017.

The M6 GT3 became BMW’s weapon of choice for GT3-class racing starting with the 2016 season, replacing the successful BMW Z4 GT3. The M6 represents a major shift in technology as BMW is moving to a 4.4 liter twin-turbo, offering up to 585 HP of power. Last summer, the car clinched its first major win, capturing the Spa 24 Hours crown.

  • Agony

    best sounds and ffb effects by far…

  • Szell Coolman


  • Stelios

    Why don’t they show us the cockpit? 😛

    • Leeman

      I love this sim but the cockpits in all the cars tend to be rather generic, IMHO, so you’re not missing much.

    • Bulle

      I guess that the Interior-Model isn’t finished yet so that it is to early for some flashing screenshots.
      Yepp, at the moment the Interior or better said the Data-Displays are more or less generic, but there will be an Overhaul on them with one of the next bigger Updates.

      Previews of them were shown in the last Dev-Stream…

  • chaarle13

    R3E showing a car with a Gran Turismo add on it ??!!

    • Bulle

      Yepp – that add is on the real car, too. In the latest liveries (started about a year ago), they don’t care much about adds of other racing-sims/games on the liveries. If the real thing has it, the livery in R3E need it.

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