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Check Out First Footage Of Dirt in iRacing

iRacing has released a short new video teaser of their upcoming dirt racing content, one of the simulation’s main additions this year.

iRacing has released a short new video teaser of their upcoming dirt racing content, one of the simulation’s main additions this year.

iRacing’s dirt content will be split up in both oval and track racing content, featuring oval dirt cars such as the Dirt Late Model, Dirt Sprint Car & Dirt Street car as well as more European-style content with the Ganassi Racing Ford Rallycross cars.

Check out the preview video below, you can read all about what a former iRacing champion thinks of the new dirt functionality here.

  • mewle

    Is it just me or are the cars hovering?

    • melanieuk1

      No it isn’t just you, they DO look like they are hovering over the track, do like their driver animation, none of this stiff dummy rubbish we see in another title.

    • Yamin Namsan

      They almost do hover IRL. They lift coming off corners and the tires are constantly spinning with little grip, but ya, in this video it looks more pronounced.

      • Steven Shears

        Just minor graphics glitches. The in-car view seems to indicate some pretty fantastic physic goin’ on.

      • Happ Download

        Yes, very advanced rendering. Just like rFactor 1. Wunnerful, just wunnerful.

    • Bakkster

      They are, probably because it’s WIP.

    • LithiumFox

      Cars hover in iRacing due to how they handle the track surface. They use a different physical mesh than the visual (the visual one is optimized to minimize impact on the system to allow for them to put other random eye candy like far away buildings and stuff)

      It’s mainly noticeable on tracks with really weird bumps. I’d imagine if they ever get around to adding actual 3D dirt, it won’t look so floaty. 🙂

      Could also be a weird thing with how they make use of parallax effects (parallax textures always give weird shadows in every game i’ve played with them ._. ARMA 2 notably had floating characters with parallax terrain)

      • mewle

        Dont get me wrong, im not hating on it just commenting. I know tracks usually have a visual and physical mesh which dont always play nice this early in development, but surely you dont want to put that out in your promo material right?

      • LithiumFox

        You seem to misunderstand.

        That’s just how iRacing /is/ because how of they render the track itself. It’s a simplified visual mesh with the cars driving on a complex physical field. It’s sort of the opposite of a hitbox. Whereas in most FPS there’s a complex visual representation with straight up boxes representing hitboxes for the various characters (eg: Overwatch, TF2, CS:GO’s old models), this does the opposite.

        The physical model of the track is going to be more detailed than the visual model due to how they render the cars, the track, the dynamic surface model, and various other systems, and the fact that they’d want to simplify rendering at least until they can do more refactoring to optimize for DX11, i’d imagine. (right now they’re just in a DX9-renderer parity state. They’ve added /some/ stuff, but it was mainly just to get ready for Dirt. They haven’t done much else with the new renderer other than make it more modular and add a few new shinies.

        they did state they would like to eventually work on 3D rendering the dirt state eventually, which would likely require a huge refactoring of their current track renderer (mind that they literally just moved from DX9 to DX11)

        what we are seeing is likely either an issue with how they handle either Parallax or Relief mapping (which has it’s own set of fun graphical rendering fun times, but is used to great and unoptimized effect in Rainbow Six Siege)

        this happens on many of the already existing tracks in iRacing, however not to the extent of an /entire/ track. And what I was trying to say is i think it’s because their physical model doesn’t yet match their visual model. And if that’s a loss to you, then whatever.

        >~> Most people will probably be like “There’s a cushion? I’ll try it!”

        I mean literally that was the ONLY thing my mom’s boyfriend asked about (he runs mod lites). He didn’t care about the graphics, he just wants the cars to feel good and for there to be a cushion. =/

        I’m not excusing it for being a WIP because iRacing is a giant WIP haha.

        (And it’s come pretty damn far tbh)

      • mewle

        I completely appreciate the fact they’ve moved to a new renderer, and the issues that can arise when adding new tech, I was just surprised it was so prominent in the promo piece.

      • LithiumFox

        Yeah. Not much they can do about that if it’s an issue with how they do it.

        personally, i’m okay with them showing it off. They’ve always been pretty upfront with how the sim is.

        But yeah I think it’s probably because the track is the “base layer” and they leave it floating because eventually they want to do 3D dirt.

        Thats my headcanon anyways.

  • faybn

    These cars look as if they already had an accident.
    I’ll not fancy dirt but there are plenty of people within Iracing who cannot wait anymore.

  • Easy DaRon

    One of the very few racing series where your car looks like it had a huge crash before you’ve even started.
    I hope they increase tbe particle emission. ATM the dirt looks as if it’s a hard surface.

  • devotid

    Hover cars! 😉 Its not my thing but im open to try it. Looks fun.

  • Nikita Makarov

    One step closer to drifting.

  • Bloomquist

    I’ve been simracing a while now and actually started with Papyrus Nascar Racing. I still jump into NR2003 on occasion to take laps at Daytona and Bristol. So, I’ve always liked the team behind iRacing. Most all of my time is spent in AC these days (1,100 hrs).

    That said, I’ve never subscribed to iRacing. After going to the World 100 most yrs out of the last two decades I am psyched about the dirt racing that’s coming. But, (and its a big butt) it looks damned expensive to subscribe for any length of time; buy an extra track, and buy an extra car for this one series on one track.

    I guess they’re the first so they can dictate pricing, but hopefully this translates to other devs working on this for other games. Maybe even a standalone at some point. I may still have to spring on this before its all said and done. Black Friday is months off, any suggestions to get pricing down?

    • John Booker

      iRacing are going to introduce a new license (DIRT) so there will be base/entry level dirt items included in the subs. Most likely just the Street Stock Dirt car and one/two dirt tracks. So for you $100per year you will get access to dirt and the base oval and road series. Cars are $14.95 and Tracks $11.95-14.95. Currently there is 50% discount on new subs and once in, there are discounts and special offers available to help as well. You only need to purchase want you want when you want. (But yes, starting costs can be high if you purchase heaps up front. But it is worth it for the organized races and the highly entertaining forums.)

      • Bloomquist

        Great information and thanks much! Do you think the new license will allow a new player to just climb in a late model or will it require mastering other classes?

      • John Booker

        Your welcome. As to learning Dirt, I don’t have an answer for you, sorry! The base content will give one the ability to learn the skills and then you can progress up as you see fit (regardless of skills or ability 🙂 just need to raise your safety rating.) You will need to adapt to the different physics (same as with any sim, they all have their peculiarities. I don’t like the steering feel in RaceRoom and could never get my G27 to play properly with RF.) But once comfortable, then it’s just about learning the cars themselves and handling traffic. I joined iRacing in 2012 (6month free deal otherwise I would never of gotten over the monthly sub structure) and have only dabbled in the RF and RaceRoom since with some fun in Codemasters Dirt series for giggles. Practice time and 3 races a week in my 2 series more than satisfy my sim racing needs.

      • Happ Download

        They have a licence progession system that is a joke. You can just run Time Trials and go from Rookie to Class A in a couple of weeks. I expect dirt will be similarly easy to game, after all they want your money and if they don’t make it easy for you to advance they won’t be selling you much content. Most of all, if you’re looking for good clean racing you are not likely going to find much of it at iRacing. Given the level of difficulty involved in racing on dirt in the real world, I expect dirt on iRacing is going to be a massive crash fest far beyond what happens on pavement there now. And it’s already pretty bad on pavement.

  • Chillisteak

    Well I’ve got to be honest that looked terrible, work in progress I know but it didn’t make me want to try it.

    • Bloomquist

      I learnt a long time ago one should make up their own mind and not count on the opinion of others to decide what they like.

      • Chillisteak

        I see what you did there, but I made that decision all on my own.
        I watched the video, and I wasn’t impressed. I didn’t read a comment slagging it off and jump on the band wagon, I just wasn’t impressed by the video.

        Don’t get me wrong I’ll inevitably try it when it finally arrives more out of curiosity than anything. But nothing in that video got me excited about it, if it got released tomorrow great or 1 year from now ok, on what I’ve seen so far I see nothing to get excited about or anything ground breaking, just a couple of floating cars with very poor dirt effects.

        But it’s a work in progress so who knows, maybe the exciting stuff will be shown off soon, and maybe then my view will change but right now based on what I’ve seen with my own eyes I ain’t impressed.

      • Bakkster

        I think it’s tricky to show off the most interesting bits of dirt racing in a short collection of clips. Exciting for the people who love dirt super late models, but not really showing off the really cool stuff with dirt.

        I’m looking forward to a time-lapse of a longer race that will show the cushion moving, the racing line drying out, and ruts forming.

  • MC

    So release date? 😀 I took out a 3 month sub’ to give dirt a try, at this rate it’s going to expire.

    • Bakkster

      The release date has always been ‘whenever it’s ready’. Software development is notoriously hard to estimate.

      The safe bet is to not buy a subscription for a particular feature or piece of content until it’s released.

      • MC

        “The American-themed dirt racing content will be first line to be added to the builds, expected to be available in Q1.”


        “Ahead of the cars’ release later this year”

        Lets not get confused with what they were planing, and iRacing’s attitude towards development (which’s it’s ready when it’s ready).

      • Bakkster

        That’s an issue with how Montoya’s putting out his articles, not with how iRacing is presenting dirt. They’ve become very cautious about promising anything on release dates. When badgered by people for estimates they will say when they ‘hope’ to have it released, but always with the caveat that it depends of testing and development going well, and that it’s nothing more than an estimate.

        But again, it’s good to be skeptical of release dates. Not because developers are bad people, but because software development is inherently unpredictable. Remember when AC was announced for 2012, and didn’t release fully until 2014? And all the other sims (yes, including “iRacing 2.0”) that had 2012 release dates missed by a year or more? I just suggest healthy skepticism, and waiting to make your purchases until the release has happened unless you’re content with what you’re getting at that moment.

      • MC

        “The good news is we feel we are close and are still optimistic to release before the March build.”

        Tony Gardner’s words, I dunno why you’re making excuses for them. Obviously there’s still time to meet that ‘deadline’.

      • Bakkster

        “We’re close and optimistic” is what I meant when I said ‘they don’t promise release dates, but do give estimates’. Of course they want to have it out by now, they would have liked to have it out for Christmas. What they didn’t do is commit to that time frame as a deadline (not since iR 2.0, where they did promise a deadline and failed spectacularly at meeting it), and subscribing solely on this estimate in hopes of the release happening at that time so you can use it is unwise.

        I’m not making excuses for them, or any other developer. I’m a software developer myself, and development timelines always slip, because it’s impossible to predict the unforeseen problems you’ll come across. Plan for a month of issues, and you’ll get two. Plan for two months and you’ll get four. I’m simply suggesting that before you pull out your checkbook, you wait for the release to be real instead of just a plan, because no matter how good the developer is it’s always possible they’ll fail to deliver on time.

      • MC

        You’re making distinctions where they’re none. Whether it’s a firm release date or a vague one, you’re still putting a timescale out there. AC didn’t deliver on their releases planned for January, although not being a subscription service that delay doesn’t personally cost me anything.

        Anyway I’ve got ’til late March so hopefully I will get to try it. I would race something else but it’s the same stale combos they’ve had for years…

      • Bakkster

        Whether you make a distinction or not, I think the point remains that in this day and age it’s safer not to put your money down before the product is actually released. Unless you gain something of significant enough value to offset the risk of pre-paying, there’s no need to do so. Unlike a pre-order for a physical disk that might otherwise be sold out, there’s no risk to waiting until release and buying it then.

        To put it another way: caveat emptor, don’t pay to subscribe to something if the feature you’re subscribing for isn’t available yet. Whether it’s a promise or an unreliable estimate, don’t swipe your credit card until what you want is available.

      • MC

        Well it was a case of promo code about to expire, hadn’t tried iR in a while but catching the release of Dirt was part of my thinking. Also…

        “Sign Up now to get 50% off ANY membership so that when dirt racing arrives – you’ll be ready”. So they’re encouraging people to sign up for this feature.

      • Bakkster

        The promo code is a solid reason to sign up. I can definitely agree that their wording on that dirt page is misleading. I’m sure they meant ‘learn how the service works’, but they really shouldn’t encourage people to sign up for a month in anticipation of dirt…

  • Patrik Marek

    in that thumbnail, did it had accident or that’s how it looks like normally?

    • LithiumFox

      That is how a late model looks.

      • Patrik Marek

        Thanks, yeah I never understood these “designs”
        I’m sure it makes sense from engineering/driving point of view, but I find it damn weird to look like that