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CEO Change at Simbin

Simbin has announced a significant change in their company structure as Henrik Roos has stepped down from his position as CEO of SimBin Studios AB.

Simbin has announced a significant change in their company structure as Henrik Roos has stepped down from his position as CEO of SimBin Studios AB.

Roos has been a key player of Simbin ever since the company was founded in 2003, the vacant position will be taken over by Klaus Wohlfarth, owner of KW Automotive, a leading supplier of suspension systems both in road & racing cars.

”It feels strange and sad to step down from my role as CEO for SimBin after 10 years of ”marriage” with the company. It is with joy in my heart that I turn the company into the trustworthy hands of Klaus Wohlfarth and his management team. I will for sure follow and support SimBin in its future endeavors, but my family needs me and I also have new and exciting opportunities to explore” Roos said.

“It is our intention to provide people with the best opportunities to become virtual racers. By controlling the complete production chain in all areas, we are able to offer complete solutions that include software, hardware as well as the overall concepts. The combination of all these values in one, offered by RaceRoom, is a unique concept in the world” Wohlfahrt added.

The key personal change is the latest of structural changes at Simbin that involved hiring of new staff and a new office in Lidköping, Sweden.

It remains to be seen if and how these changes will have an effect of Simbin’s on-going projects that include GTR3 and the free Virtual WTCC game.

  • Mark

    Thanks Henrik and good luck with your new opportunities!

  • Peter Lai

    Right before the release of GTR3, Roos will regrettably miss the front row seats of the tremendous success of the game.

    • Marcus Caton

      Dont speak too soon on that front buddy.
      They could be using the well loved title name to pawn off a mediocre title for quick cash.

      • Anthony Monteil

        I assure you that won’t happen 🙂

      • rui silva

         and we should take your assurances because … ???

      • Michael

        Well getting rid of some of the clowns responsible for Race pro et al is a good and necessary step towards making sure that doesn’t happen again.

        How the guy survived for so long is a miracle, he should write a “bluffer’s guide to the game industry” 
        They’ve pawned off the same mediocre modded race 07 game for several years now.

        “Spending more time with the family” and “pursuing other interests” both standard face-saving reasons given when someone is asked politely to leave knowing they’ll be thrown out the door kicking and screaming if they prefer :)It stood to reason that people weren’t going to keep throwing money at this guy.

      • Anonymous

         Nothing wrong with the Race07 series imo.   To me it’s one of the best sims out there in terms of feel and physics.  The races I have with that are closer and more fun than I have with anything else.
        In fact, just the other day I had an offline race with Retro MAX cars and qualiified on pole by +0.016s over 2nd place and I had to work hard to get that.  I was leading until I stuck one wheel on the grass on the last lap and spun the car out, eventually finishing 7th.   Looking at the replay it was clear that the car spun just as it would have done had I dropped the wheel in real life.

        Next race I had was with the Mini in Retro COOL cars, I started only 7th (couldn’t match pole time on this track) but in the race I clawed my way up to take the lead near the end and won by just over 1s being hounded by the 2nd place car as he closed me down on every straight and the only way I could keep gap was in the braking zones and by being fast mid corner and on exit.

        I just don’t get races consistently quite like that on other sims for some reason. And the cars feel so good to drive.  Maybe my AI strength is set up better.   These cars in RACE07 will not give up a corner so easy either.  Many times I thought I had taken the place only to find the car still there beside me and re-passing me on the inside down the straight into the next corner.  Brilliant fun.

        If GTR3 is anything like that, they won’t go far wrong.

      • Michael

        Nothing wrong with it in, as the year suggested by the title. 2007.  Reviewers agreed.

        Maybe even in 2008 and 2009. But a lot wrong with it as time progressed and it was never good enough to continue to buy the same unimproved game just with a different name 4 or 5 times over.

        If GTR3 is anything like it, they won’t sell any and will go bust.

        Because they didn’t sell race pro – ask Atari how far wrong they went.

        They didn’t sell much on PC for a while either – to the point where Roos was trying to kid the press a while back that they weren’t in financial doo-doo.

        Besides, if the guy had a clue and their recent games were good, they wouldn’t be kicking him out the door, would they?

  • Anonymous

    Well I enjoyed Race 07, GTR Evo and look forward to GTR 3 so good luck Henrik!

    Will be interesting to see how things turn out 🙂

  • jwconn4

    Good luck Henrik – It goes to show that you have to set priorities. Time is a valuable commodity.

    Good luck Klaus – Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will GTR3

  • Marcel Offermans

    I’m wondering why a lot of people think that we are close to a release of GTR3? It is not even mentioned in the latest press release, and there is surprisingly little evidence that this simulation is close to completion. My guess is that maybe Hendrik left because the plans for GTR3 have been canned, but of course that is pure speculation!

  • Mark

    Maybe he’s the new partner over at pcars!!! LOL