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PC Patch 1.70 For F1 2016 Now Available For Download

Codemasters keep patching their F1 2016 Formula One game as a new update for the PC version of the title has been released. Continue Reading →

Which Sim Does Modern F1 Better? Watch and Decide!

Andrea Candini has put together a very interesting comparison video, looking at which sim title handles modern Formula One car the best. Continue Reading →

New Patch For F1 2016 Coming Up

Codemasters have announced that another patch for their F1 2016 title is due to be made available in the coming 24 hours. Continue Reading →

F1 2016 – New PC Patch Available

Codemasters have released a new PC patch for their F1 2016 title, adding both fixes and new content to the game. Continue Reading →

F1 2016 – PC Patch Released

Codemasters have released a patch for the PC version of their recently-released F1 2016 title. Continue Reading →

F1 2016 vs. Assetto Corsa – Monza Comparison

Andrea Candini is back with another interesting Formula One comparison, taking a look at Monza right in time for today's Italian Grand Prix. Continue Reading →

Modern Formula 1 Battle: F1 2016 vs. Assetto Corsa

DrivingItalia's Andrea Candini has put together a very interesting comparison video of two recent titles: F1 2016 and Assetto Corsa. Continue Reading →

Thrustmaster FFB Guide for F1 2016 by GamerMuscle

Popular sim racing Youtuber GamerMuscle has put together a handy video for all new owners of F1 2016 playing with a Thrustmaster wheel. Continue Reading →

Watch F1 2016`s Performance On All Platforms has put together a comparison video of F1 2016 on its different platforms. Continue Reading →

F1 2016 – Out Now!

Codemasters have released their F1 2016 title, bringing the newest installment of the official Formula One game franchise to the PC and consoles. Continue Reading →

Inside Sim Racing Previews Sochi in F1 2016 continues to release preview footage of Codemasters' upcoming F1 2016. Continue Reading →

More F1 2016 Preview Footage from InsideSimRacing

InsideSimRacing have released the third-part of their F1 2016 hands-on preview series. Continue Reading →

Full List Of Compatible F1 2016 Controllers Revealed

Preparing for the title's nearing launch that is now just a week away, Codemasters have revealed the full list of compatible controllers and wheels across all three platforms. Continue Reading →

F1 2016 – New ISR Preview Video

InsideSimRacing is continuing their test drive of Codemasters' upcoming F1 2016 title, showing us more gameplay footage. Continue Reading →

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