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F1 2010 – Patch 1.01 + AMD Hotfix Released

Following the early release for the Playstation 3 version, Codemasters have now released the Xbox 360 & PC versions of their much anticipated patch for [...] Continue Reading →

F1 2010 – Monza Reality Check Video

Frequent VirtualR reader and commenter F1Racer has put together a very impressive F1 2010 reality check video, showing us a lap around the famous Monza [...] Continue Reading →

F1 2010 – RPM Lights Mod Released

Dream-Weaver has released his RPM Lights Mod for F1 2010, fixing a small mistake in Codemasters’ F1 2010 title.

The mod changes the steering wheel’s RPM [...] Continue Reading →

F1 2010 – Track Lighting 2.0 Mod Released

Both the F1 2010 Realistic Sun & F1 2010 Track Lighting mods proved to be very popular with the community, adjusting the lighting in Codemasters’ [...] Continue Reading →

F1 2010 – Codemasters Clarify On AI Issues

The countless issues with the AI in Codemasters’ recently-released F1 2010 title have been the subject of much discussion in the community lately, leading Codemasters [...] Continue Reading →

F1 2010 – Realistic Sun Mod 1.0 Released

Following the Track Lighting Mod released a few days ago, gardenx is the next modder to try and adjust F1 2010’s lighting to a more [...] Continue Reading →

F1 2010 Textures Editor 0.5 – Released

Ariel Santarelli has released his F1 2010 Textures Editor, allowing modders and painters to import and export textures of Codemasters’ recently-released title.

You can check out [...] Continue Reading →

F1 2010 – Review

Back in 2008 Codemasters announced to have acquired the Formula One license, promising to bring annual Formula One games to the PC & gaming [...] Continue Reading →

F1 2010 – Track Lighting Mod 0.1 Released

Modding of the F1 2010 PC version started almost instantly with the popular camera and FOV mods being available almost instantly after the release. Now, [...] Continue Reading →

World Rally Championship – PC Demo Released

Following the release of the Xbox 360 demo version a few days ago, Black Bean Games has released the PC demo of their upcoming World [...] Continue Reading →

F1 2010 FOV Settings Pack – Released

F1 2010’s camera angle and FOV setting issues seem to be a very hot topic in the community as the recently-released camera mods have to [...] Continue Reading →

F1 2010 Camera Mods – Released

Codemasters’ F1 2010 title isn’t even released in all territories yet but unsurprisingly, modding of the PC version has already started.

Below are the first two [...] Continue Reading →

F1 2010 – Out Now!

The long months of waiting, discussing and endless preview videos are coming to an end as Codemasters’ F1 2010 title has become available during the [...] Continue Reading →

F1 2010 – Crash Compilation & Hockenheim Wet Race

It’s only three more days until Codemasters’ F1 2010 title hits the shelves and there’s some new material for all of you sitting on the [...] Continue Reading →

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