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A Lap Around Spa In Five Formula 1 Titles – Video

MotoGamesTV have put together a very clever video to show off the evolution of Codemasters' Formula One game franchise. Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Codemasters’ F1 Games – Video

VVV Automotive have put together a very interesting comparison video of Codemasters' Formula One games. Continue Reading →

F1 2012 vs. F1 2013 – Silverstone Comparison

A first video comparison of F1 2012 and is successor F1 2013 has surfaced. Continue Reading →

F1 2012 & iRacing Deals – 50% Off

There are two interesting new deals out for sim racers right now as both F1 2012 and iRacing can be picked up for half their regular price. Continue Reading →

F1 2012 – Patch #12 Released

Despite announcing they`re done with patching F1 2012, Codemasters has released a final update for their Formula One title. Continue Reading →

Project CARS vs. F1 2012 vs. Reality – Video

AdrianF1 has put together a very cool comparison video, showing off Formula One at Monza in two current titles. Continue Reading →

F1 2012 – Final PC Patch Released

Codemasters have released the eleventh patch for the PC version of F1 2012, ending their string of patch releases for the Formula One title. Continue Reading →

F1 2012 – Coming to the Mac

Codemasters announced that their recently-released F1 2012 title will be coming to another platform as a Mac version will be released soon. Continue Reading →

F1 2012 – Patch #9 Available

Codemasters have released the ninth patch for the PC version of F1 2012. Continue Reading →

F1 2012 – Complete Setup Guide Video

AdrianF1 has released a complete guide with setup values for all tracks in Codemasters' F1 2012. Continue Reading →

F1 2012 – Patch 8 Available

Codemasters continue to keep a high frequency with F1 2012 patches as the eight fix for their Formula One title is now available. Continue Reading →

F1 2012 – Patch 7 Available

Codemasters continue to release patches for their F1 2012 title that was released back in September. Continue Reading →

F1 2012 – Patch 6 Available

Codemasters continue to update the PC version of their F1 2012 in a quick fashion as the sixth patch has been released. Continue Reading →

F1 2012 – SRT Video Review

The guys over at have released their video review of Codemasters' F1 2012. Continue Reading →

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