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A Lap Around Spa In Five Formula 1 Titles – Video

MotoGamesTV have put together a very clever video to show off the evolution of Codemasters' Formula One game franchise. Continue Reading →

F1 2011 vs. F1 2012 – Video Comparison

The guys over at MotoGamesTV have made a very interesting comparison video of Codemasters' F1 series. Continue Reading →

Three Years Of Codemasters F1 – Comparison Video

DigiProst has put together a very interesting comparison video, showing off the evolution from F1 2010 to F1 2012. Continue Reading →

F1 2011 – Advanced Drivers Guide Available

RaceDepartment member David O’Reilly has released his Advanced Driers Guide for F1 2011. Continue Reading →

F1 2011 – Second Patch Available for Download

As announced, Codemasters have released the second patch for their Formula One 2011 title that was released back in September. Continue Reading →

F1 2011 – Second Patch Coming on Monday

Codemasters have confirmed that the long-awaited second patch for F1 2011 will be available on Monday. Continue Reading →

F1 2011 – SRT Video Review

The guys over at InsideSimRacing have released their in-depth video-review of F1 2011. Continue Reading →

F1 2011 vs. iRacing vs. Reality – Spa Comparison

A few days ago, RacingLineAustralia put together a comparison video, showing iRacing & F1 2011 footage side by side, creating a very interesting discussion in [...] Continue Reading →

F1 2011 vs. iRacing – Suzuka Comparison

Both and Codemasters’ recently-released F1 2011 title feature virtual Formula One cars and the Japanese Grand Prix venue Suzuka.

While iRacing’s online racing simulation offers [...] Continue Reading →

F1 2011 – PC & Console Graphics Comparison

MotoGamesTV has put together a very interesting comparison video, showing the PC & Xbox 360 versions of Codemasters’ recently-released F1 2011 title side by side.

With [...] Continue Reading →

F1 2011 – First PC Patch Available

Codemasters have released the first PC patch for their recently-released F1 2011 title, adding a bunch of small fixes and improvements to the game [...] Continue Reading →

F1 2011 – Two Patches Coming Up

Codemasters is already working on improving their recently-released F1 2011 title for the PC, Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 as at least two [...] Continue Reading →

F1 2011 – Comparison Video & Walkthrough

Following a successful launch in North America, Codemasters’ F1 2011 title will become available in Europe in less than 24 hours.

For those of you who [...] Continue Reading →

F1 2011 – Out Now!

Codemasters have successfully released their second Formula One racing title for the PC and gaming consoles as F1 2011 is now available for purchase in [...] Continue Reading →

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