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New Snippets Of Gran Turismo 7 Footage Confirms 2021 Release

Sony has just released a new video trailer showcasing upcoming games for their Playstation 5 console, including some new footage of Gran Turismo 7. Starting at the 20-second mark, the trailer includes a few...

Gran Turismo Coming To PC?

In an age where console and system exclusives becoming more and more rare due to publishers trying to maximize their revenue across multiple platforms, it looks like the racing world’s last and most...

Gran Turismo 7 Slated for Playstation 5 Launch Release

When Gran Turismo 7 was one of the games leading Sony’s Playstation 5 games showcase last month, the first video trailer did not provide any planned release date and few people expected GT7 to be due...


WRC 7 Announced

Big Ben Games & Kylotonn have released the seventh installment of the official World Rally Championship series video game.