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CART Factor 1.0 – Released

CART Factor 1.0 – Released

Racing Line Developments has released their CART Factor mod for rFactor, bringing the 1998 CART Championship season to the simulation.

The mod includes  29 cars from the 1998 CART season, all in four different configurations suited to road and oval racing complete with realistic Real-Feel compatible physics, an advanced tire model and much more.


  • 29 cars from the 18 teams of the 1998 CART season
  • Four distinct engine brands
  • Two tyre brands with unique characteristics
  • Reynard 98I, Swift 009c, Penske PC27 and Lola T98/00 chassis
  • Full road course, short oval, speedway and super-speedway (Handford) aero packages
  • Accurate aero distribution, downforce and drag values, utilising CFD and wind tunnel verified data
  • True-to-life suspension models
  • Advanced tyre model
  • Real setup ranges
  • Full, optimised DX7, DX8 and DX9 support
  • Full RealFeel support

To make most of this extensive mod, make sure to read the readme file to find info on car physics, FFB setup and much more.

Important: If you have the Prologue version of this mod installed, make sure to delete the Prologue folder located in “GameData\Vehicles\CARTFactor”

Download CART Factor 1.0 Mirror 1 Here

Download CART Factor 1.0 Mirror 2 Here

Download CART Factor 1.0 Mirror 3 Here

Download CART Factor 1.0 EXE Installer Version Here