CART 1994/1995 for RACE07 1.1 – Released

Mak Corp has released an improved version of their CART 1994/1995 mod for RACE07 that was initially released ten days ago.


  • Fixed Steering Animation so hand movement suits the steering wheel better.
  • Slight repositioning of steering wheels and driver hands positions on the steering wheels.
  • Adjusted Force Feedback Aggressiveness.
  • Added new tire compounds (Soft, Medium, Hard, Wets), with texture transition between dry and wets.
  • Slight seating adjustments.
  • Fixed vehicles that were running incorrect tires.
  • Balanced wet data in dry compound tires.
  • Wet tire textures added.

Important: The new version is a complete release, not an update – Make sure to deinstall version 1.0 first!

Originally released for rFactor in 2008, the mod brings back the glory days of CART in its heyday during the mid 90s.

The cars were powered by turbocharged engines, exceeding 800hp and speeds of over 240 miles per hour. The CART series raced on all kinds of tracks, from ovals to road courses and street circuits, making it one of the most challenging series ever.

  • myvracelog

    ya i tried to download this and had to sign into the site. then took time to sign into site and give my information.

    ”’vBulletin Message
    Registration denied, this forum runs an
    active policy of not allowing spammers. Please contact us via the
    “Contact Us” page link if you believe this is in error”

    Suggestion if you want people to use the mod make it so you don’t have to log into the site.

    • Neil Brady

      Yeah it’s bothersome and would be quicker if the forum took access of your google, facebook or twitter but it did work for me, downloading now.

    • Petros Mak

      if you open a ticket on I can resolve this issue for you. I apologize for this but vb’s settings can be a pain sometimes.

    • Anonymous

      That’s funny Mr. Spammer! LOL Thankfully I have been registered for quite some time now so I had no problems.

  • J T

    cant wait to drive these cars… but on a more recent game engine.. id rather keep waiting 😮

    • Matt Orr

      ISI will be creating the 95 Reynard for rF2. 🙂

  • Osni Kniess

    And the tracks for this mod? Where do I find them?


  • alexmex90

    The link is broken! please fix it! CART was my favourite racing series, and I really enjoy RACE 07 it will be awesome to run CART cars on that game.

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