Car Skinning Video Tutorial

CuttingEdgeDigitalTV has put together a very interesting and extensive video tutorial on car skinning in Simbin titles.

The extensive 30-minute tutorial takes us through the process of creating a skin for the BMW M3 E92 GT2 and putting it in-game. While some of the instructions are rather specific to gMotor-powered titles, most of the general painting advice should be helpful to sim racers using any title that offers painting templates.

  • Marcus Caton

    OMG a black guy!

    • Anonymous

      Ā That statement really does show your head size

    • Alessio Whittaker-Campigotto


  • Ross Siggers


  • Boss Player

    oh come on, he made a bloody 30 minutes tutorial and all you can say is omg he’s black. That’s lame -.- thanks for the vid, will be useful when I’ll need to paint some.

    • Rolands Svetins

      Haha! šŸ˜€ That black man is doing great!

  • Jason Cooper

    typical comment about everything but what the post is about

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the video. Great tutorial. I do this infrequently so each time I Have to redo all the research. I am going to keep this video close by.

  • vitor silva

    good video simple and cover most problems.
    just a little tip if you want to go a extra quality, when converting to dds Ā try use theĀĀ  Ā instead of the photoshop plugin.
    you get better compression and better quality.(no iu Ā need cmd commands but easy to learn):
    thxs again

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