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C.A.R.S. – Development Build 078 Available Now

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new pre-alpha build of C.A.R.S, adding karting and other content & improvements to the title.

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new development build of their WMD-powered C.A.R.S. title, adding several new content items and lots of improvements to the pre-alpha version.

Build 078 adds a whole new genre of motorsports to C.A.R.S. as the formula cars, touring cars and sports cars currently available are enriched by karting. The new version includes the fictional Glencairn kart track as well as a powerful Shifter Kart to throw around the corners.

Sim racers who like it more powerful can also try the Ariel Atom V8, a lightweight road-going sports car powered by a mighty 500hp V8 engine. Preview shots of all new content items can be found below.

Other Changes the Build Offers:

  • Improved lighting settings for most tracks
  • Various UI fixes and improvements
  • Added cloudy weather selection to race menu
  • Enabled fuel consumption and tyre wear
  • Added a few more options to visuals menu
  • Added free camera (Ctrl-F then the mouse and WASD, SHIFT keys)

The new build is available for download to all WMD members with Team Member status or above. Every interested sim racer can become Team Member for a one-time price of 25€ to enjoy weekly development builds and up-close access to follow the development progress of C.A.R.S. For more info on pricing and benefits, check out the WMD website.

  • Joe Pineapples

    Damn my cheapness for going with the basic membership.  Still, if the changes had included ‘FFB/wheel improvements’ & Dx11 glitches solved’, I might have hit the upgrade.  Maybe next time though.

    • Richard Hessels

      It’s still in really early alpha stage development.

      You can’t even compare it to any finished product.

      FFB works pretty good for me, some DX11 glitches been already addressed.

  • Anonymous

    downloading 😀

  • Tom Hunt

    Wow, I really like the look of this. A few more updates of this scale and I’ll definitely upgrade my minimum membership.

  • Jonathon P Selley

    Cant wait for my next pay day definitely going ton invest in this.

  • Ross Siggers

    Here are a few of my shots using the new free camera 🙂

  • mathias waegemans

    Would like to see some footage of the ariel, looks very nice.

  • Lennart Lippens

    Well, I’m a lot less impressed by the graphics than with the footage from 2 week ago (especially the dusk/dawn-shots
    I understand C.A.R.S. is not still under development, but I doubt this will look better than final rFactor 2.

    • Marcos Sanz

      … and i really doubt rfactor2 will look close to CARS, it will have better physics engine and other things that will make a much better sim, but in terms of graphics rfactor2 is going to be far behind IMO…

      • Lennart Lippens

        Maybe you’re right.
        Time will tell what modders can achieve with rF2.

      • Ross Siggers

        Base cars will easily look better than rF2, safe to say. Modders may change that like you say, but the standard game is running on a much more advanced game engine, it’s obvious 

    • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

      Couldn’t disagree more Lennart,
      I’m a big fan of ISI’s work but their gfx engines over the years have never really raised the roof. Hard to see that changing for rF2 judging from the screenshots……

  • Alex Ventura

    They have improved the physics, as i can no longer use the KB to drive the cars without losing control 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Seems like i finally have to try this out.  Anyone tried the karting?

  • Rantam

    I like this sim quite a lot. Long way to go on development yet, but so far it’s better than i expected it.


  • Nathan Robinson

    Yea!! The kart is fun but feels weird and the atom is fantastic but you cant snap the ass around like you would expect. Still good fun though, here are a couple vids i made of the new content 🙂



    • Ricoo

      Yes it’s very fun. Seeing those kart AI driving like crazy and flying away is great fun. Kart track is very nice. This game is taking a nice way and is soon taking a good shape even if there is still many funny bugs (Overcraft karts in replays). Cloudy weather is well done too.

    • Ross Siggers

      The atom physics are far from complete

      • Nathan Robinson

        I know, just pointing out my experience 🙂 It looks amazing though, makes me want to eat it :Q

    • Carbonfibre

      They really have got the lighting and colour tone in the shadows spot on.

  • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

    Theres some optimisation that needs to be done so it runs better but man the graphics on this thing is pure porn……

  • Juhan Voolaid

    Ohh my … cloudy weather looks great too.

  • noro ardanto

    this game convinced me to upgrade my rig :p

  • Charles Sami Amyouni

    would really be a great simulator, a plus one from getting themselves away from EA on developing this. hope to see more improvements when it is released as a retail. Long way to go though so I’m getting rF2 first.

  • Lemming asdfafh

    I’m liking the look of this, and would love to contribute myself. The development model seems very reminiscent of that of Overgrowth or Natural Selection 2, which I really like.

    I have a question though. Jeremy Clarkson said he thought it was great seeing all the mechanical pieces of the Atom at work as they were all on display, and I felt exactly the same way when driving go karts myself. However in this, from the videos I’ve seen, the suspension pieces are all static. Are there any plans to animate these in the future?

    • Jim Wall

      Transmissions/steering rods/springs/etc all seem to be planned as animated objects, they’re WIP for the Atom right now, but complete for some of the Lotus cars.  They’re even modelling and animating components that can’t be seen ordinarily unless the body panels are removed.  I don’t know if you caught the pre-art of the setup screen but the plan seems to be along this level of interior, animated detail for everything: 

      • Lemming asdfafh

        Indeed, I caved and bought a team membership, and found that what I was looking at in the videos was just varying levels of completion in the cars. I was especially surprised when I smashed the nose cone off a Formula B car and tried to limp on that the push rods, levers, and springs are all animated too.