Building A Motion Simulator Out Of Spare Parts

We’ve often seen plenty of amazing DIY skills in the sim racing community and here’s a particularly impressive example – A fully functioning motion simulator made of spare parts.

Built by Matthew Loomis, the rig has been put together using spare parts like old wheel chair motors and other affordable materials.

For anybody who wants to follow Matthew’s example and build something similar themselves, Matthew has laid out. the complete building process steps by step here.

  • noroardanto

    The movements is very subtle, at first I thought the chair is moved by his weight 😀

    I bet the most dizzying part of making your own motion platform is calibrating the movements. I imagined it will need a deep understanding of how human mind perceived the input from chair movements and what we see in the monitor and other things.

  • HammerX

    Good job!

  • Sam

    Maybe for a tiny bit of unrealistic immersion but other than that i think motion seats are more distracting than helping, unless you can replicate real G-forces.

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