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Bucharest Ring for Assetto Corsa – First Previews

Dinca Andrei has released first previews of his scratch-made Bucharest Ring for Assetto Corsa.

Ever since Kunos Simulazioni released the modding tools for their Assetto Corsa title, promising modding projects are starting up left and right.

Below is one of them as Dinca Andrei is working on a scratch-made version of the Bucharest Ring, a Romanian street circuit that hosted the FIA GT series in between 2007 and 2009.

You can check out first previews of Dinca’s impressive start below, including a first video of a lap around the tight & twisty street track that is located around Bucharest’s massive Palace of the Parliament.

  • rino demeulemeester

    Looks challenging. AC seems to be taking of pretty good on the mod community side. Looking forward to this Dinca!

  • GamerMuscle

    Fantastic that people put so much time into tracks and mods for any simulator or game adds so much value to the hobby, I hope you keep going on this track will certainly look forwards to playing on it!

    I also love those catch fences and how they look when you are driving next to them get to feel what its like to be a moth flying into a lampshade repeatedly.

  • F1Racer

    Haven’t heard of this track but the layout looks very interesting. Different anyway.
    Some nice texturing examples there too. Will be keeping an eye on this one.

  • Chris Wright

    Forthcoming Assetto Corsa mods – more promises than a politician at campaign time. Let’s hope that, unlike politicians, they deliver.

  • Patrik Marek

    wow, this looks very good actually, .. not the visual side of things (but that’s because it’s WIP) but the track layout , and also it’s quite bumpy but feels natural .. this can be really great track, and something to watch out for

  • Dinca Andrei

    Oh wow i didnt expect to see my work at VR,thank you verry much.
    As @disqus_eJ9oC2tmXX:disqus said,its a promise and i can assure you i am not a politician hehehe but we have to finish the other project first Mini Sport pack 1999 (wich is not to close but not that far either) before continue with the Bucharest Ring street track.I love this 2 project equally so they,both will be in AC…;)

    • The Dark

      do you mean Minis in AC? that will be awesome!

      • Dinca Andrei

        Indeed 🙂