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Brit Pack DLC & 1.1 Update for Automobilista Out Now

Reiza Studios have released the first paid DLC pack for their Automobilista title as the Brit Pack is now available for download.

Reiza Studios have released the first paid DLC pack for their Automobilista title as the Brit Pack is now available for download.

The BritPack introduces three British tracks as Brands Hatch, Oulton Park & Cadwell are now available within the title.

Also, the pack adds several Caterham models, the Formula trainer, the MCR Sports 2000 as well as the Ultima GTR which will come in both race and street versions.

Included Content


  • Brands Hatch
  • Cadwell Park
  • Oulton Park


  • MCR Sports 2000
  • Ultima GTR (race & road versions)
  • Formula Trainer (2 versions)
  • Catherham (3 versions)

To celebrate the pack’s launch, it is now available for a reduced price of 17,99€ until October 28 before selling for the normal price  of 19,99€. Owners of the Automobilista season pass will receive the pack for free.

Alongside the DLC pack, a new version of Automobilista has been released as well, bringing the following changes:

1.1 Update Changelog

  • Added Radio Spotter feature
  • Improved vehicle shaders & applied to all older cars along with skin adjustments
  • Adjusted rear wing efficiency on Montana, StockV8, Boxer Cup, Superkart, Ultima GTR
  • Adjusted tires on F-V12, Montana, StockV8, Boxer Cup, Ultima GTR
  • Adjusted AI Torque Stab in all cars to reduce their excessive stability when in contact with player car
  • Added Vehicle Configuration menu to Vehicle Showroom
  • DynHUD: Improved Delta widget functionality in Time Trial mode
  • Updated vehicle shaders
  • Added new batch of community drivers
  • F-Vee: Main LOD optimization for better performance / lower memory load
  • Metalmoro: Main LOD optimization for better performance / lower memory load
  • Boxer Cup: Adjusted mirror position
  • SuperV8: Added configuration option for cockpit type

  • ImageArtSigns .

    Having been a backer in the crowdfunding campaign I have had most of the Brit Pack contents for a while…they are worth it, absolutely brilliant.
    Reiza has done an amazing job with Automobilista, which for me personally makes it my number one Sim in my collection…especially like the mixed Multi Class Racing…just go to ‘All Cars All Tracks’, select the car you want to drive, select your ‘Opponents’, Track and your away.
    My favorite combination atm, I am driving the Opala, opponents Caterham 270R, Mini Challenge, and the Copa Petrobras Marcas at Interlagos Historic…awesome fun….even tried out the driving the F1 Formula Reiza with Superkarts as opponents on Cadwell Park…I know right, that’s ridiculous, but incredible fun.
    P.S. The above info is for new customers…lol

  • Jetexocet

    I keep hearing that Rfactor 2 has the best AI. Giving this title another few hours of my precious time tonight, has left me of the opinion that the AI in Automobilista is simply on a much higher level. Fighting for every overtake regarding of where I eventually finish, feels so rewarding. Awesome title, nice update, amazing FFB, great offline racing, big smile, happy days.

    • William Mazeo

      rF2 AI (code) is in fact more advanced, the problem is that rF2 content was never fine tunned to have it working as good as Reiza did with AMS (which AFAIK had no changes on the AI code, but I could be mistaken) content.

      • Jetexocet

        If studio 397 can get Rf2 firing on all cylinders, I honestly feel it will eventually become the sim of my dreams. Core components are very much there. Hopefully the 397 developers will capatalise on the full potential this title can offer. Fingers crossed, here’s hoping.

      • ImageArtSigns .

        Agree 100%

      • William Mazeo

        rF2 is the only sim right now that could be something as close as possible to something “complete” (don’t know how to explain), it has so much potential that was never used, it should be #1 in all aspects. Just too bad it stayed on isi hands this long. Not sure if S397 will be able to explore it all tbh, I’m on “wait and see” mode, not holding my breath really


    Ive Heard that the online is pretty dead so what do you do
    in Automobilista that cater your competetive side?
    Are there any kind off leaderboards???

    • pcarsphyxexpert

      yup….and very competitive

  • pupsbubi

    Its amazing!

  • Agony

    I really don’t get it why people are playing that. Why it’s better than ac rf2 r3e or iracing ? I don’t see something to stand out for example ac licenced cars ffb physics graphics laser scaned tracks or rf2 amazing physics and ffb or iracing online or even r3e sounds.

    • Jovica Ilic

      Did you ever try it??

      • Agony

        No is just thoughts not facts from what I have seen and read. That’s why I am asking to get better overall opinions

    • Marc Collins

      It is extremely well polished and consistent quality. Every car has plausible physics and FFB. So even though every feature may not be the absolute best available, when you package them together they add up to more than the sum of the parts of the other titles. Only rF2 is more advanced technically, but we all know it is in need of the polishing that Studio 397 will now hopefully give it. Until then, AMS is the most enjoyable experience if you just want the raw, visceral feeling of realistic racing without fiddling for hours to tweak a dozen settings.

      Oh, and the Brit pack content is tops.

      • Agony

        So does the t300rs and g27 works great by just plug it in? I think I consider buying it because I need a light specs sim to play with some friends with not powerful pc

      • pcarsphyxexpert

        Please buy T300, I went from G27 to t300 and it’s a huge improvement tank like wheel.
        AMS is better than rf2.

    • VG

      Agony I have driven all games available, from rFactor2, Asseto Corsa, Project Cars, iRacing, Race Room and Automobilista has the most realistic force feedback of all. Not only that but the sense of speed and immersion is better, the head movment, the sounds, everything is pushed a step further from the others. I hope this game continues to grow and more content can be released

      • Agony

        I guess I will buy and give another try then.

      • Bruno Schmidt Marques

        Hey, there’s a big steam sale right now. Automobilista is 50% off, so I think that’s your chance. I bought yesterday and I have to say, it’s pretty damn good! Take a try.

      • Agony

        just bought it but I can’t find famous tracks and cars like gt1 gt2 gt3 or tracks like monza spa or anything known. But physics and ffb is amazing .

  • stef4o23

    Crowdfunding backer here as well! Big props to Reiza for the amazing job they’ve done, i just can’t get over the amazing physics, weight transfer and the clarity in graphics! (Not saying it’s got pcars graphics but to my eyes, there’s an amazing clarity to it all whereas other sims look cartoony (maybe my crappy tv of course)!

    Wish they could give us some road cars to play around like Rx8, mx5s, s2000s

    • Kev

      I’ve heard comparison of 270 to Miata.

  • Jetexocet

    I can only compare the AI between all the titles I own. I’ve never owned or raced on GP4 or GPL and Nascar 2003, which these titles still, to the this day are held in the highest esteem, so I can’t give an opinion. But from what I’ve just seen from your clip, it does look good. The AI in Automobilista is way superior to Rfactor 1, and tbh I’m happy with it and they give me a good race. Sure, things can always be better, but I don’t think I have enough years left in me to hold out for that all conquering sim title. I’ll have to enjoy what I have for now and enjoy updates as and when they come.

  • Kev

    Re-post from…


    Automobilista has made all other sims irrelevant for me personally.

    The immersion is in-explainable and sounds are clearly a priority.

    The feeling, especially around the limit, is superb.

    The amount of fun delivered by content is ridiculous.

    The comprehensive functionality and consistently high quality throughout every aspect of the game is unmatched.

    The ease of use and great out of the box experience means more racing and less fiddling.

    The exists no sim with better overall and consistently high quality AI.

    One potential opportunity for improvement is ability to change Eye Point without generating a mismatch. The ability to control camera is important in order to get correctly view from cockpit given different equipment/FOV as well as to compensate for poor hood views ; especially when using Real Head Motion.


    Oulton Park – There is no more exciting track in sim racing ; AI needs dramatic improvement, however, but I have faith Reiza will take care of this.

    Ultima GTR Road – There is no more exciting car in sim racing.

    Brands Hatch – Excellent quality and this track needs no introduction.

    Trainers – Both are amazing and perfect for learning balance and throttle control.

    Caterhams – All drive great with 620R being the most exciting, the 360R and 270 getting bonus points for manual transmissions and the 270 being compared to Miata by some.

    MCR 2000 – A little on the easy side for me personally but can make more exciting with setup changes.

    Cadwell – High quality and great for slower vehicles.