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Brake Trainer For Assetto Corsa 1.0 – Released

AugGust’s innovative Brake Trainer For Assetto Corsa proved to be very popular with VirtualR’s readers, so here’s good news for everyone as the 1.0 version of the helpful tool has been released.

Version 1.0 introduces further customization options, allowing players to adjust beep volume and more:


  • Adjustable beep volume
  • Adjust “flash earlier” setting in game
  • Prevent overriding brake points during race sessions
  • Cleaned up settings in CM

An addition to AC’s in-game HUD, the Brake Trainer for Assetto Corsa is ideal for sim racers trying to learn a new track and needing additional visual cues to find the perfect breaking points.

Brake Trainer For Assetto Corsa records the individual braking points of a fast lap and displays a count-down timer when approaching the corners in the following laps, alternatively players can also use visual cues to indicate the ideal braking point.

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