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BMW V12 LMR for rFactor 2 – First Previews

Apex Modding has started working on the BMW V12 LMR to rFactor 2.

Apex Modding has started working on the BMW V12 LMR to rFactor 2.

You can check first previews of the car below, captured during a first test run at Sebring.

The V12 LMR was BMW’s weapon of choice for the 1999 Le Mans 24 Hours. The car went on to score the first (and so far only) Le Mans win for BMW, edging out Toyota, Mercedes, Audi & Nissan. Following the 1999 Le Mans triumph, the car spent another season racing in the ALMS before the programme was ended.

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  • Matt Orr


    Some team should really take on remaking the grid from Le Mans that year. Easily the best grid in a very long time that year.

  • Chris Wright

    Looking good, but when oh when oh when is someone going to take on Group C and actually release it! That said, this is a classic Le Mans car.

    • Anonymous

      Group C is still being worked on, it’s not dead.

      • Vivemclaren

        Yes we work hardly

      • Anonymous


      • Vivemclaren

        What do you want to say with lol?

      • Anonymous

        Nothing, I actually believe the mod will be released soon.

  • Rhys Gardiner

    Very nice indeed! I have good memories of this car from Gran Turismo 4, so I can’t wait to drive it on PC.

  • k e a n 0 s

    Is Apex Modding the same as Team Apex Modding from this news

    • Yoss Apex


  • Anonymous

    Impatient de voir ça, Bravo Apex ! 😀