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Blackwood for Assetto Corsa 0.9.5 – Released

Tiago Lima has released a new version of his Blackwood conversion for Assetto Corsa.

Tiago Lima has released a new version of his Blackwood conversion for Assetto Corsa.

This is quite a remarkable track addition for Assetto Corsa as the Blackwood track has originally been created by the Live for Speed Development Team for their simulation and the LfS guys have granted Tiago permission to port the track over to what’s essentially a competing title!


-Removed flying grass

-fixed some holes on the track sides

-fixed shader in some of the objects

-fixed moving boards and blackwood “bridge”

-new friction value on the curbs

-smoothing of some minor bumps

-removed bum while exiting the pit garage

The fictional track comes with a 3.1 kilometer layout that has become the favorite among many Live for Speed users.

[boxdownload]Download Blackwood for Assetto Corsa 0.9.5 Here[/boxdownload]
  • melanieuk1

    This is one of the better conversions by Tiago Lima, ISI has also given permission to port Jacksonville Superspeedway to assetto corsa as well.

    • Birddogg66

      So then Jacksonville can be renamed Daytona once it’s considered an unofficial add-on? Give me a shout when someone mentions Sebring for Assetto in VLM style

  • Traumahound

    Me likey!

    And hey, if this conversion gets Mel’s approval, it must be good! ; )

  • Blatant Abuse

    Beautiful, but too smooth.

    • Professional Operator


  • Jesper Giørtz

    Something wrong with the trees. Good work – but it still looks a bit better in original LFS :/

    • Professional Operator

      you are free to imrove it :/

  • erictheking87

    Wow! Respect for LFS team for granting permission!!! Unusual but brilliant behaviour!

  • Roger Wallentin

    This is actually a very nice and fun track IMO, great to see it in AC as well!

    I specially like all the elevation changes

  • 0100


  • blastx

    wow awesome! i loved this track in LFS!