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Bet and Race – Free Online Racing

Bet and Race – Free Online Racing

In times were massive multiplayer gaming and playing for money are very popular, it’s probably not the dumbest idea to combine the two. That’s exactly what Bet and Race does, offering a free online racing game were you can race against others for free…or for real money.

Made by ex-JoWood staff (who doesen’t rememeber Rally Trophy?), the game offers cars such as the VW Golf or the Volvo C30 which can be raced on a variety of fictional street tracks. The game includes features such as day & night racing, different weather conditions, car tuning, real time ranking and more.

Similar to online poker, players can choose to race for virtual money or put real money at stake (if you´re 18 years of age minimum), racing against up to 7 opponents. Adding to that are tournaments where players can win prizes such as LCD TV’s or even an Opel GT.

Sounds interesting? Then visit to download the game for free, don’t expect a full blown simulation though 😉

  • Karlos_1993