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Bathurst in Three Simulations – Comparison Video

A very interesting video shows Bathurst in three different racing games.

The Australian Bathurst Circuit has become a household name in racing games as pretty much all big racing titles feature a virtual version of the iconic Mount Panorama.

DigiProst has put together an interesting comparison video, showing the Australian track in three different racing titles.

The video includes Bathurst footage from console heavyweights Gran Turismo 6 & Forza Motorsport 5 as well as Slightly Mad Studio’s pre-alpha version of Project CARS, the title will be coming both to the PC and gaming consoles.

Which title does it best? Watch and discuss below!

  • Jack

    And the winner for the sim with the best rendition for Bathurst is….

    iRacing, obviously


    Well this Rendition should be expanded with iRacing and ORSM, got to make use of 4K 😛

  • Aaron Carlisle

    From the sim’s that are present in this video, I’m going to say that the Gran Turismo version looks the best…

    • nlx1

      It doesn’t look the best, it just looks the most true to the real track aesthetically. Forza 5 clearly looks the most realistic but they have added some trackside details to make the place look more exciting. Pcars just looks weird as usual.

  • Marc Collins

    Are any of these three laser scanned, as is iRacing’s (conspicuously missing)?

  • MVV

    PC is better. The circuit itself, curbs and relief, is most similar to the present.

  • Matt Orr

    GT6 is best of the bunch.

    Seeing how someone else brought it up below, after doing some testing of PCars back to back with the iRacing version, was funny. The CARS version was just flat out terrible, which I found quite… disappointing considering that SMS “a long time ago” when they were doing things more in line with what Project CARS is going to be were quite accurate for the time.

  • Anonymous

    The funny thing is PCars actually looks more detailed then the real life video, lol.

    But I actually like the look of GT6 quite a lot too.

  • Anonymous

    GT6 colour tone still the best, closest to real life. However, I wonder how close the “real life” video truly captured the real thing. I wish I have a chance to visit Bathrust myself.

    • Matt Orr

      Videos will never capture it, but if they are all the same FoV, they should all feel the same.